You are missed


@Anarchy how ya doing pal? You haven’t posted much since you went home for a visit so I wanted to make sure you’re doing ok!


@Jon-Paul_Palmer sober twin, where are ya? Hope you’re still doing well!


Can I just say again how happy I am that you are back around :slight_smile: I really did miss you!


Happy 3 years!!! When’s the icecream, is it too early? Lol. Though I’m getting my own kind though, I don’t love the mint chocolate chip but it will still be in your honor! :heart_eyes: You seriously are a rockstar woman and I so admire you and your strength and perseverance. Congrats on your 3 years!!!


@Rosey Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :blush:


@BeccaLinny it’s been a while. I hope you’re doing okay and come back soon.


How’s it going, man? Doing alright through Thanksgiving etc?




Come on back, fellas – let us know you’re doin alright, huh?


I know she’s alright and just moved on to the next phase of sober life, but I really miss my first sober friend @C-sun. Peace and Blessings on her house.


The funniest lady on here when I first joined in September!


Things are good, although I am currently getting back to day 1. It’s been a bit tougher than I had anticipated this time around.

I’ve been in a bit of a “funk” the past few weeks, and it’s been affecting everything. I went to a meeting today, though, and it was nice to get to talk to a few people, outside of my normal circle.


Maybe your break up is behind your funk. I’m happy you haven’t given up. I haven’t been around since mid October. Back again, day 3🙄


Well, we got back together, and it’s been better than before… outside of my being down. We we’re talking and it just kind of came out that I’ve felt kind of lost since losing my best friend a few years ago, in a single car drunk driving accident.

So, I haven’t had “that person” to talk to, confide in, etc. for a while. I also finally realized while talking with her, that while I may have a lot of “friends”, I don’t really know any of them, outside of seeing them at shows, or bars…and that was eye opening, and really sad at the same time.

Long post…sorry. Just got a lot on my mind, as I’m learning a few things about some possible repressed emotions and what not.


I’m happy you are back together😊
Sorry about your friend, that’s tough😔 real close friends are a rarity the older we get. It’s good that these feelings are coming to the surface so you can deal with them though. Let your gf be your friend too, I know it isn’t the same thing but you have more than some people rn. Stay strong and onto the next sober day💪


Yeah, it was nice to chat with her briefly a couple days ago. Really happy that she’ll have her place soon. God I love her :blush:


@Joanie! :smile: :heart: Welcome back!


Glad to hear you’re sorting through some stuff, although it may be difficult to do. Its the healthy approach to seek to address the unresolved. Good work hitting a meeting, too.

You can get through this funk, I know you can and will – it’ll pass, just like anything. Just remember that drinking will slow or outright stop your progress through it. Stick to your guns, and you’ll get back to where you were. I am here if you ever need to reach out, any time.


waving Hi! Yes, I’m back😊


Still miss you and your pictures of your dogs! :heart_eyes:How are you guys settling in? Been thinking of you!


It’s a struggle. But I’m not throwing in the towel.