You are missed


@Gabe.G bro, you need to step up yo game.


@BondJaneBond is doing good. I talk to her sometimes.
She is taking a social media break. :purple_heart:


Yes I do. I’d give your post a Like but I’m all out of them for the day. Hehe


@Sober_Ninja I miss you so much. Maybe I don’t find you and you are active in other places


Thank you! I’m glad you have her contact info. A social media break is a good idea


That’s really good to hear. I miss her so. Please give her my love if you talk with her.


I’m around, just not being very active right now. I don’t have much to say. :woman_shrugging:


Hey there! Still sober, in fact working on day 101. It’s kinda funny… lately I’ve noticed myself feeling a little weird, and probably in need of some sober support now that I think about it. It feels like ive lost that newly sober momentum and am in more of a trudge now. Thank you for reaching out to me, being back on here is probably exactly what i need


My sober spidey senses must have been tingling

Pull up a chair and get comfy


I am glad that you are arround. Your presence is important here. When I started here you were one of the persons who were encouraging and giving wise words. God bless you


@Sams23 just checking in as i see you have fallen off… I hope things are going well…


Mahalo so much! I’ve missed you all as well! I’ve been super busy with life and creating a positive future from an otherwise chaotic past. I’ve gotten a new job, place, dog, and mantra! Still sober, still positive, and still reaching for unreachable starts :balloon: thank you for this! It warmed my heart


Hey @Kakimime1 - hope you’re hanging in there. Have missed our little check ins. Let me know how you’re getting on.


My ninjaaa @JediDonn … Keepin’ a check on ya brotha man…


Hey, thanks😊 I’ve missed talking to yall as well. I tend to forget I have this option to talk to people, even though it really helps.


Hey @Purveyorofdoom0406 hope you’re doing well.


@Ninetales ran across an old post of yours and was just thinking of you.


Thanks for thinking of me @Bill_Phillips! I’m doing great. I hit a year not smoking and 6 months not drinking about 2 weeks ago! I’m bridging from group therapy next week. I’m very active in the WFS program, and have made lots of really good friends there. I still have nothing to do with AA or higher powers or anything like that. I’m not complacent, but sobriety is a lot easier than it was those first couple of months! I hardly think of it anymore. And when I go to events where there will be alcohol, I prepare myself like crazy. I’ve learned a lot of tricks and tools to stay sober and to grow emotionally. I am so proud to be sober, it’s a good life. How are you doing?


So glad to see you again and hear you’re doing great. So happy for you!


@jasharlem - thinking about you, my friend. Hope you are hanging in there…