You are missed


Day by day, yes, hanging in there. Just posted a happy story in another thread. I was tempted Friday night, but I didn’t give in. That was my first time in a long while that I was able to say no.


I would guess that it’s easier because of your continued investment in the WFS program yes? Programs save lives. Nice work!


That sounds great! I’m so happy for you and all the work you’re putting into your sobriety. I’m glad to hear you are doing so well. I’m working my programs and learning a lot from my past.


@Willow just checking in on you. I know you had some things going on and a new job. Hope all is well!


Hi Bill thank you for thinking of me that’s really kind. My new job is going really well and I’m enjoying it so far, I’m even doing more hours when asked. My life outside of work is still a bit of a Roller-coaster with me loathing myself and not looking in the mirror still but I’m working on it every day. The most I’ve managed so far is 30 days then I ended up having 2 glasses of wine, felt guilty and shit then started again. At the moment my evenings seem boring without a drink but I know that will pass eventually if I can only get that far. I’m going to meetings which helps and keep busy as much as possible. I’m never going to give up. Hope you’re ok


I’m happy to hear from you. You know you can do it, like you said, just don’t ever give up. We are always here for you if you need more support :blush:


@Ifs hope that you are well, and just taking a break from the threads


@Shinhiryuu :smiley::smiley::smiley: lol


@Becsta Still thinking about you and hope you’re doing ok!


@TeejLazer haven’t seen you check in for a while. Hope you’re hangin in there, bud.


Hey! Thanks, I appreciate it.

Since 10/22 I’ve been able to get a few days here and there, but have ended up having a drink once or twice during the week. I’ve been letting my excuses be stronger than my reasons, and am getting myself back up the slippery slope I created for myself. I’ve set some boundaries for myself by asking my bands not to book any shows for the next 3-4 months, and to try and not drink at practice. My BBQ season has officially ended, so that helps a lot.

I wiped the dust off my big book and have been skimming through it. I’ve reached out to some of my sober friends here in town and asked if they’d be interested in meeting up once a week, to just talk about our weeks, and to discuss what has helped them so far, and what hasn’t.

It’s like I’ve seen @Yoda-Stevie say in a few different topics:
-The easy path leads to excuses. The hard path, the disciplined path, leads to life…and I’ve let my discipline slip.
-Decide to be strong, and then work to become strong…I thought I was, and I got comfortable.
-Decide to be clean and sober, and then work to be clean and sober…I have decided, and now I must truly put in the work, and work harder than before.

Sorry for the long post, guys.


Good for you for taking steps to focus on yourself and getting back to where you were.

Hope to see you on here regularly again. If you need any support, don’t hesitate to PM.


I really appreciate it. I think my absence has a lot to do with the shame I’ve got. Being outspoken , and giving people advice, only to fall yourself…I know it happens to a lot of people, I’m just learning how to deal with it.

I’ve been here, creeping around, reading, and it’s good to see everyone doing well.


No way Jose!! It helps everyone here to hear about failures. Yourself included! We need ya pal. Don’t be a stranger😉


Maybe on my down time tomorrow, I’ll type out how that day went, and what’s happened since. Maybe it’ll help me to see it in “writing” as well.

I’m definitely gonna be around, just brushing the dirt off, and getting back up.


@Browne hope you’re doing well.


@Wonwo - I know you are somewhere being fabulous. Hope you are feeling okay as well.


@Lashline - Where you go? Hope you’re well.


Hey don. Thanks for the check up. I’m clean…no weed or alcohol or coke.

I’m working a job now at a warehouse as a selector and its hard work. I’m now just trying to find myself as far as career goes. I wasted my life in a fog and avalanche of cocaine and worked at dumb ass jobs. I couldve been something great if I didnt give in. So now…being 35 years old I’m trying to regain a better stature of where my life should be… I feel dumb and low level compared to others who got good jobs and better bank


Dont look at what you lost in addiction but look at all that you have gained sober. Like you im 33 and just got my shyt together too. The first few months i was a bit overwhelmed trying to take it all in. My life was turning around quickly. I went from no car,no license, no money. Back to feeling confident, money saved i havent had in years, a valid license, and bought a car and fixed my other car. Just remember a sucess story cant be told unless you fall first. Just make today yours! Im happy to hear things are going great for you now… my last check in must have helpped you refocus. Ill keep checkin on ya …:wink: