You are missed


@Cobaltchris. Where you at??


@Mkm my sober twin where art thou Mika? Hope you get in touch with us soon




Just keep answering the bell. Mouthpiece in. Chin tucked. Take control of the center of the ring, and press your adversary. Cut the angles. Slip, bob, weave, punch and counter-punch.


Haven’t seen @Sober_Ninja around, hope she’s still soaring with the eagles


Others have called for her already, and I’d like to do the same – @Becsta, hope you are well. Check in soon :slight_smile:


She’s just staying busy with everything. I’ve talked to her


@wonwo - hope you are out there being fabulous and fighting the good fight. Miss you!


Still missing @BondJaneBond


I’ve been in touch with her! She’s doing great!!! Just taking a rest from social media.


That is often a fantastic plan! Glad to hear she is well.


Day 4 - PT sessions are in full swing. Workin’ it! :facepunch:t2:


That’s the ticket dude.

Full phalanx.


@DarrenUK you’ve been quite, give us an update dude


@Englishd you need to post more again buddy.


I’m here still checking in- 20 days sober today and doing great :+1:


:joy: :joy: :joy: I agree


That guys an ass :wink:


And gassy too. His office is a cat 5 stinkacaine.