You are missed


Hey you, hope you’re doing good.


Thank you!


@Aquarius102 drop us a line


You know, lifes good. Too blessed to be stressed.


Life is good for sure


Hey girl! So glad to see you! So many of the people with long term time have disappeared. I miss all the wisdom. You are such a rock to me!

I hear ya about the struggles and white knuckling. I had to seriously kick up my therapy last week, and this week will certainly go up another notch as well. It feels good to be getting back on the right path, but it’s such a pain in the ass too.


Sometimes the right path is a total pain in the ass but good for you on recognizing what you need to do and then doing it!


It’s good to see you back.


Thank you, hope you are well.


@Anarchy how ya doing pal? You haven’t posted much since you went home for a visit so I wanted to make sure you’re doing ok!


@Jon-Paul_Palmer sober twin, where are ya? Hope you’re still doing well!


Can I just say again how happy I am that you are back around :slight_smile: I really did miss you!


Thanks Bill!


Happy 3 years!!! When’s the icecream, is it too early? Lol. Though I’m getting my own kind though, I don’t love the mint chocolate chip but it will still be in your honor! :heart_eyes: You seriously are a rockstar woman and I so admire you and your strength and perseverance. Congrats on your 3 years!!!


Ice cream for breakfast always works! And thank you!


@Rosey Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :blush:


@BeccaLinny it’s been a while. I hope you’re doing okay and come back soon.


How’s it going, man? Doing alright through Thanksgiving etc?




Come on back, fellas – let us know you’re doin alright, huh?


I know she’s alright and just moved on to the next phase of sober life, but I really miss my first sober friend @C-sun. Peace and Blessings on her house.