You are missed


Just wanted to say I miss you @Sober_Ninja I know your not around much, but hope you’re doing well :blush:


@Redemption - how ya keeping?


She’s doing great. We have a group were a lot of former members, and soon to be former members, catch up with each other.



I know you were going through a rough patch at the moment and your name popped up as I was reading an old thread. I’m just hoping you have the support you need right now. Let us know you’re doing alright!


Thank you so much! All good my end - still sober (57 days!). Christmas is a tricky time for me, as a recovered bulimic. Food and diet culture everywhere (festive treats versus January detoxes). I’m just cocooning myself, staying off my phone so much, and keeping safe :grin: much love :heart:


Glad to hear! Keep us posted and reach out once in a while!


A very special shout out to @Victorious, @Bill_Phillips, and @Steve92. Each of you did not forget me during the past year and a half. Thank you so much.


I have been thinking about @Sober_Ninja lately too. And @Rayn.


@SobahCobra79, you my boy Blue!


Merry Christmas Gabe.G☃️🎄 i am alive, still sober, no drugs either. I had log in problems. Im still a very gratefull man. What about you? Thanks for checking in on me, wish you a healthy and good merry christmas and all


@jessi_lynn even tho you are gone from this place I hope this post finds you in spirit. I know I miss you.


@psequinn how are you holding up over the holidays?


@Bears515054 How are you holding up buddy?


Thinking of you also @L3AH, how did you do on the holidays?


Has @Anarchy been around?


Not since November. I thought of him this am too but had already tagged him in one a while back



Trying you guys again. Miss having you around here. I hope this message finds you both well and sober.


Yeah, I remembered you doing it after I did it and then checked his profile. Damn.


I hope he’s hanging in there! I think the same about @Becsta too.


I tried to @ her on this thread a while back, no dice though. I think a few others gave her a shout as well :frowning:

Hope she finds her way back to the forum. If not, I hope she is cruising along – sober and happy!