You are missed


I missed you too!! :heart:


It’s a Wonderful Life, Yoda! Just took a break. Missed you too :heart:


Ahhh!! Hello! I may have just yipped out loud when I saw your icon pop up on here!! :smiley::smiley:


Likewise baby! :smile::hugs::kissing_heart:🥰


Just took a break! I’m here, Wonderful & how are you buddy?? :slight_smile:️:hugs::kissing_heart:


Hey Beautiful! I’m here, and just fine. Took a break. Missed you too & big hugs. Hope you’re doing well :heart:


Hey you! How are you doing?? Missed you posts & big hugs :heart:


Great to see you back @BondJaneBond!

@Longhorn drop us a line would ya


Why thank ya’ Captain! Good to see you too! :hugs:


Omgomgomg, @BondJaneBond!!! :hugs: :heart:

Hi. :slight_smile:


Hey Eke!! :hugs: I’ve missed you & ive been praying for your mom :heart:


Missed you, too! And thank you. She’s doin’ quite well.


@CaptAZ hey there!!! Hi everyone!! Life is great made 500 days sober tomorrow. Sobriety is just awesome!


Hot damn! Full steam ahead over there!

Keep on working your sobriety dude, you’re proving that any of us crazies can do it.


Ah, you make such a lovely home.

You betcha! Step mom’s stuffing was spot on. Got their lights all set up. Did a helicopter tour of the city at night (first helicopter ride evar). And had some pretty amazing conversations with sober-dad this year.

Happy holidays, lady!


@Longhorn! Damn fine day on this thread. Good on ya, scratching at five-hundo, man! :relaxed:


Sounds beautiful! From the food & lights to the aerial view (brave man btw!) Especially love the conversations with sober dad…that’s a real thankful Thanksgiving :slight_smile:️ Thrilled for you :hugs:


Doing great! No complaints here. I’ll hit 6 months next weekend :slight_smile:

How have you been?! Glad you took a break when you needed it, but so happy to see you back! You are an asset to this community, your positivity and advice has been missed.


I am so happy for you! Congratulations @TMAC :clap:t3: Hands down the hardest, yet best 6 mos ever! I’ve thought about you, your girl, your dad and even your new home & hope all is well & your enjoying life. Big hugs :hugs:


Wow, thank you! All that stuff is going great. My relationship w/ my Dad is the best it has ever been. We’ve built a solid foundation of mutual respect.

The house is coming along, my girlfriend is the best partner I could ask for in all this. Actually put up the xmas lights today/got the tree/decorated for our first christmas here!