You are missed


@Behemoth Hey twin what’s up? If you fucked up don’t be embarrassed just come back and if you haven’t well talk to us!:blush:


Alright. Where ya at, @siand? :v: :heart:


Oh, twin, if I fucked up youd be the first to know, lol. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA recently. I’ve had quite a bit of things to deal with and just plain needed to be selfish and quite :zipper_mouth_face:

My wife has the BRACCA gene and two years ago had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Ever since there had been complications and she’s decided to get both implants removed and go without. I, while disappointed, told her it was her body and she should go for whatever she felt was necessary.

Then my son needed a bone scan for his IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). Then Thanksgiving, which I made it through, lol. Just needed some time away to collect. Stress kinda silences me if it gets overwhelming.

I’m lucky to have someone like you to check on me and it means more to me than you know. I was gonna come back on here over this weekend, but your message hurried it up by two days :slight_smile:


I’m so happy you didn’t drink and with these all these stressors as well! Prayers to your wife that’s difficult but she’ll feel so much better.

I’m watching you mister (that sounds creepy lol)


Thank you, I’ll be sure to tell her. It was tough, I won’t lie. There were points that I just had to take a walk or workout and blast music to quite the voices saying to grab a beer. But, I made it :slight_smile:

And it’s not creepy, lol. It’s nice to know someone’s got my back who has my problem


Alone time is good just know sometimes we isolate without realizing were doing it. I left here and that’s when I got into trouble and drank. But I’m back annoying as ever!


Not annoying… Let’s go with sometimes obnoxious :wink:


Heh, true story and this is me sober


Hope you are back for a spell. Need your sunshine here during these dreary winter days.


@Ballerchick22 i hope things are going better!


Hey I have dropped off the radar. Just been feeling really shit. Sober! But shit. Don’t feel like I have a huge amount to add at the moment.

Thank you for tagging me, that is actually a huge lift for me right now :heart:

I need to get back into morning meditation. Posting on here actually really helped me stick with it.


I love what you post!


Thanks Scott that’s really kind :heart:

I got a bit put off by a couple of comments/ threads on that felt quite negative and cliquey to me. But there are so many people posting so much good stuff on here (you included!) that I just need to look past that and get back into the community. It has helped me so much.


I agree it can be like that but that’s the nature of forums. I mute certain threads and bypass some posters and take what I need from the wise ones☺


@Twowaymirror I see your ass lurking about


Haven’t seen @MikeSeekingHope in a few days.


Yeah! It was only a matter of time.
Also, my ego has been plaguing me so it’s only right I come back to the place I learned so much from and put myself back in check


Yes absolutely, there is such a great community here. And I also appreciate that just because I don’t personally find something helpful, doesn’t mean no one will. I am just feeling a bit delicate at the moment!


Well I certainly miss your contributions. Always here come rain or shine, and trust you’re doing what @siand needs to do.

Hope your foot is better! :heart:


I act like that too. Healthiest way for me :wink: