You are missed


Hey Mandi x


I’ve been holding up ok. Holiday went well!how about you?
& thanks for keeping me in mind!


Hey @TMAC thank you for thinking of me. Logged back on today, feels abit like when I walk into an AA meeting and it feels like home… I get similar feelings seeing you all again (but some people also missing :/) been up and down. Had a few months up and then relapsed last night. Hoping this will be my last Day 1, have spoken at length with my sponsor and made new plans and strategies. Will never give up the fight. It’s good to be back.


Hey there! Delighted to see you back, sure I am not alone in that.

Sorry to hear about last night, but glad you are back and that you’ve run through the plan with your sponsor.

Happy to welcome you back :smile:


Happy to see you back!


Omg! Hey, lady! Happy to see you back and kicking. :hugs:


Great to see you’re back - always liked reading your comments!


Awww thanks @Charlesfreck xx logging on this morning and I see there is still the usual drama and banter lol



Missing @aircircle’s lively and loving presence! :bird::heart: Hope you’re doing well, friend!


@naturehippy77…where’d you disappear too? I hope you were just busy over the holidays.


Mahalo friend, (((hug)))
2018 was an eventful year and filled with many monumental milestones. I was just thinking about one of my original posts from a couple years ago when I wrote about divorcing alcohol and the codependent relationship I had with “it”. I’m happy to report that after years of trying, I’m officially divorced! I feel my conscience and past has been washed clean and now I can finally move FORWARD!
Thank you for checking on me!!! The best is yet to come indeed!


Happy new year! Good to see you back again, you’re ok, and you’ve got the divorce.
'19’s only going to get better @naturehippy77!


I know, I was thinking that as I was reading the Friday thread last night and while not seeing any pajamas in the selfie thread. :heart:


I hope she’ll be back soon. Same with the others on hiatus or permanent leave.


I agree. You really come to love and truly care about the people in here, always hate to see anyone go. But, as long as they are really happy and growing, it’s ok as that’s what matters most to me. Still sucks to miss them though!


Thank you! 2019 is just the start of great things to come! I’m not on the forum as much as I’d like cause living in Hawaii is a full time job on so many levels Hehe. Although sobriety has become my best friend, time is still a ruthlessly friendemy hehe


Hi @MissDuse and @Pleausy I hope you guys are well… pop in and say hello :grin:


I’m glad you’re doing well…just check in with us!!


Always nice to hear from you :hugs: