You are missed


@Pepsi i see you lurked after christmas. Wanted to see how things are going for you!


Seconded! Was just thinking of @Pepsi and her little Pepsi today. :cat:


@Uniek @Benedictine waar zijn jullie? Hoop dat het jullie goed gaat :kissing_heart:


@Lola benedictine has left the forum.


Oh oke thanks :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


I feel like I missed that? Hope all is well!


She is doing great. She just felt the need to move on. In addition, the vibe changed a lot. I can check in on her once in a while, so if you want me to pass something along, I certainly will.


I guess I did know that after all…my age/memory is showing (again!). Do pass along my best wishes.

I understand about the vibe.


Oooh, me too, me too! Via con sobriety, Benedictine.


@Swam are you doing okay?


@Dad ? Are you out there?


Thank you so much @Robketts for missing me. All good here! Just took my nursing degree, Loving life :two_hearts: Day 663!


Hey good to hear from you… glad all is going well… when do you find out the results? Good luck on passing…:grin:


Great to see you. I was thinking about how I missed your inspirational check in posts last night.

Glad you are well, and congratulations on your degree, that is an amazing achievement and I know how hard you have worked for it.

Keep living the good life :grinning:.


I agree, @aircircle hope you’re doing ok!


@fokusnik was thinking about you. Hope all is well.


@Sobergal91 hope life is treating you well.


Was thinking about her this Friday night as well :wink::bird::heart:


I’m always going to give it a shot. @Elisabeth I really, really miss you. Like painfully so…let me know you’re doing well…please…


Yoo woo @Insperation how have you been?