You are missed


@Ellen1 how are things with you? It’s been a while since I’ve seen a post or poem :two_hearts:


I was thinking about her just yesterday randomly too.


@Ray_M_C_Laren, I haven’t seen a post in a while. I hope you are healthy and happy.


I heard from him the other day. He says to stay sober and keep on trucking lol.


Thanks for the update,!


Hey @Li5a haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope you’re well.


@Rayn checking to see if you’re okay.



Hey Victoria,

Thinking about you after your breakup. Hope you’re still out there. Check in once in a while. Let us know you’re alright. Reach out if you’re having a rough time.


Thank you so much Sober Joe! I will try to check in more often. Life is stunning right now :two_hearts: What can I say? Sober 669 days, madly in love with the most beautiful person I have ever met, have my nursing degree that I am celebrating tomorrow and going on vacation on Monday. Couldn’t be better really :grin: Wishing all the same for you!

@Robketts I got my results december 3rd and life has been Absolutely wonderful ever since.

Living and Living life to the fullest :two_hearts:


Glad to see you around!!! Thanks for the Joy that you transmit :star_struck:


I know they won’t see this, but I miss Ange-Lah and Benedictine.


Same. I also miss daffodil.


She deleted her account too?


I’m still in touch with the former. Want me to pass along well wishes?


Yes, sadly she is gone too.


Oh man. That sucks. I had talked to her right around new years.


If you or anyone else ever want me to relay anything, I’m always happy to! Just hasn’t been the same without her, it was great to have her back while it lasted.


Oh cool. Yeah, tell her I said hi!


I would appreciate it.


Angie-Lah passes along her best to everyone here, she’s doing great!