You are missed


It is a option now. It was added when the latest update came out. The one that removed the big talking sober banner on the top.


Glad to hear it. And glad you’re back❤️
Always like to hear what you have to say.



Long time no see…hope you’re doing well!


Seems we both had the same urge to get off for a while at the same time.


We did, such is life. How are you?


Better, calmer :relieved: And you?


Calmer, better perspective, stronger. And gassy, but that is probably from the Tacos I had for lunch.


Thanks for checking on me. As it turns out I was in the middle of completely effing up my sobriety. I’m back now. It only got me for a couple of months. So happy to see you doing well!


Someone’s name just popped into my head that I haven’t seen on here since coming back - @Jon-Paul_Palmer Is he still around guys? Hope you’re doing ok @Jon-Paul_Palmer!


Hey! I’m sorry shit has been so rough for you, but so glad to see you back! You know what you can find here, you have found it before. Stick with us girl! We got your back!


I tried him 2 or 3 times here not long ago. No reply, but I hope he pops up again sometime. I really hope he’s doing well…he’s a good dude.


I was going to scroll back and see if he had been mentioned but I’ve been catching up and scrolling through so many threads already lol.


Happy to see you back girl! :heart:


@PatrickF thanks for checking in on me, I’m still sober, 45 days today. It’s been a tough month for me, and I wasn’t in a great place mentally. But I’m feeling better, back at the gym, and in a routine again. Going to continue taking a break from the forum a bit, but I’ll probably be back soon, hope you’re both doing ok also!


Happy to see you around James :blush:


@xine i hope your doing well!..oldie but goodie


@Longhorn. Where’s my girl at?


Would be nice to get an update from @Rosey on how newlywed life is going.

Also see if she’s still picking up pianos.


@Steve92 how you doing bud? It’s been awhile.


Doing well man. Hanging in there. Still check the forum daily just havnt posted anything. :slight_smile: