You are missed


Thank you! This new chapter has been an adventure for sure! And although Ive gained a lot of experience, time is not something that lingers in excess anymore.

The more I practice the art of ‘Hooponopono’, the jouney of self forgiveness, the more my Aumakua let me know that its in privacy that I do my most progressive healing and creative works. :wolf:

Nature called… I had no choice but to answer :unicorn::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


@angie-lah you are missed


She’s doing awesome, I’ll let her know you say hello!


Shes a badass, i hope shes all good :slight_smile:


Hey @Becsta
and the others I’ve missed. Thanks for the shouts in this thread, thought it’s high time I do the polite thing and respond! I’ve been excellent, 281 days sober now so fast approaching that year mark, I’ve not been around for months as to be honest I feel a bit of a charlatan. I’ve been 281 days sober and in all honesty it’s not been that hard, to the point I’ve questioned my “addiction”. I’ve read countless threads and posts on here of people in bad ways, really bad ways I just think I wasn’t there. I know I have issues with alcohol but haven’t felt the need for the crutch of TS. It might have something to do with the fact I’m a bit of loner, you know the types, you hear on the news “he was such a quiet lad, kept himself to himself” before going on a serial killing spree. I guess as I don’t surround myself with alcohol it’s been easy to avoid, I’ve got a new job, working to become a web developer, settled into my new house and looking mean as fuck with all the gym going.

I’ve had to cancel 4 dates with people I’ve met online though due to the fact they drink, this is the downside, I was very close to going on a date last weekend, she is a big fan of gin (my very last drink before I stopped) and I convinced myself that in order to have a good date and loosen up I’ll just have the one. I’m so close to 1 year, I can’t do it, I had to cancel the date and I just lied and said I wasn’t confident enough to go on dates. Anyway I guess I’ll just never have sex again but hey it’s better than boozing! The only other time I’ve nearly lapsed is watching a film, some guy was wasted, the kind of wasted we all know too well, not just drunk like people who don’t have a problem but gone, reality has been altered. the actor who played this guy was outstanding, to the point I’d imagine he has issues himself. Anyway I found myself wanting to be that wasted just one more time, to feel the thrill of the confidence and to have that wanting of it to never end before the inevitable guilt, anger, shame and physical torture sets in, where you find yourself outside the off licence at 7am on a freezing cold Sunday. Those are the only 2 times I’ve almost been led astray!

I hope you guys are all doing well, I’m pretty sure you’ve got it nailed, I’ll have a look through some threads later and see what’s what, assuming @Englishd and @Bill_Phillips are still knocking about the place.

Anyway, peace out, keep it real, keep it sober!


Man, SO glad to hear from you. Thrilled to hear that you’re still trucking ahead, too.

Don’t worry about that. Maybe you don’t feel quite ready for the dating scene at this point, and that’s totally cool. You have to watch out for yourself first. No date is worth compromising your sobriety. The confidence to do these things without drinking will come with time, you’ll be back out there on the scene before you know it. Take care of yourself for the time being, which it sounds like you are. We cannot avoid being around drinking altogether, it just isn’t possible, unless you don’t leave the house. What we can do is stick to our guns and remain firm in our decision to not drink, regardless of the actions of others.

Very glad to hear from you, friend. You were the first person to reach out to me on the forum when I first joined, I’ll never forget that.


Chris! I can’t tell you how good it is to hear you are doing well. It sounds like you are taking care of yourself in exactly the ways you need to be. Dates can wait. Good on you for having the self awareness to keep yourself healthy.

You know? I sometimes have those fleeting thoughts of “was I THAT bad?”. By some miracle, I didn’t have the consequences felt by some. At the same time, I know for a fact that alcohol was keeping me from living as I wanted to - and that eventually those visible consequences would have gotten worse.

I am soooo happy to hear from you. I miss your wit and thoughtfulness, but I am over the moon to hear you are grand. Keep after the gym - I’ll bet you are a total beast now. Well done, my friend. Well done.:heart_decoration:


I’m glad you didn’t drink, Chris! Miss your face @Mobius & really happy you’re happy :heart:


Man that’s pretty deep, I guess sometimes you just don’t realise how your actions in life can affect others.


This rings very true. I know someone on here once said to me that the only difference between an all day drinker and a binge drinker is time. I was totally fed up with the repeating cycle.

So glad you’re still here though and going strong :kissing_heart:


Just because you don’t need this place doesn’t mean someone here doesn’t need you. Best part about staying sober is helping others, who are where you once were, to get sober. Stick around for a bit. You know you miss us anyway :joy:


Yeah man that’s very true. I had no idea the way you can influence people here until TMAC said I was the first person to reach out, like you say, it’s a support group and people were certainly good to me in those first few weeks.


Thanks Evr’ybody–this is the thread I needed today. Day 21–three weeks! And I was thinking, I wasn’t that bad…But here I’ve been, leaning back up against the door, trying to keep the monster out with all my puny might and all the help I can muster. And I’m thinking maybe I’m safe, I’ll just open that door and befriend it. Like I’ve done ten thousand times before, but expecting a different result… I think I’ll just leave that door closed, at least for today! P.S. Monster looks like Gossamer from the Bugs Bunny 1946 classic “Bugs the Beautician” on YouTube…


Please do. She is definitely missed.

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@Gabe.G - where y’ at?


Yay! Makes me happy to hear you are still going from strength to strength and doing well! Hopefully we will see you around from time to time, as Derek says you may not need us but there’s many on here who could benefit from you :slight_smile:

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I always look at things just for today and that has helped me greatly,I have a higher power to help me each day when I get in my way and then I turn it over and it gets better


I’m sitting on my couch. Where you at?? Thanks for checking on me pal. I celebrated 2 years tonight. I’ll put together a formal TS post in the morning tho. I’m beat.


OMG Gabe! That’s a big damn deal! Rest well tonight, my friend. Huge congratulations to you, and thanks for all the support you give to us new kids on the block. You are a superstar.


Two years!? Duuuuude! Hell yes. :metal:

Oh, also hi. :grin: Really good to see ya.

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