You are missed


Formal post time means you have to rent a tux, right?


Yaaaaasssss!!! 🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸


My man! Thanks for checking in and showing us that any of us bottom feeders can raise ourselves up.


Kudos on two years pal. Glad to see you are still fighting the good fight.

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She says thank you and asked me to share her well wishes with everyone here. She hit her 8 months today, she’s such a rockstar!


24 months of getting better at getting better!

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I miss Benedictine as well. :pensive:


Checking in on you @AmyBeth, hope you’re hanging in there!


Trying one more time: @Andrew3 how are you? Hope your fine and if you don’t it would be great to have you back! Every day is a good day to start a sober life.


Hi there @MandiH . Thank you for checking on me. Still trying to get back to day one. Havent gone so far as to be drunk or have any hangover or whatever and its all been for no good reasons except the end of a workday. Maybe today will be the day. I need to get back on track. My goals are more in sight again, they seemed to dwindle and die down after hitting so many roadblocks in this whole process. But hes acknowlwedged that we are not getting back together amd that hes not very welcome here and says he will move out before our May 1st lease renewal. That gives me a little more hope and motivation. No one elses actions make me drink. I really have just been not making an effort to fight it, but at the same time I dont want to drink, I dont know what makes me give in so easily some times and then be able to fight the same thing for 45 days. I wont give up though.
Thanks again for reaching out. Hope all is well for you Mandi.


Just shouting out a roll call again for @ShamedPuppet @Andrew3 and has anyone heard from @Twowaymirror ? You’re all missed and I hope doing ok x


Was wondering how @Twowaymirror was doing. Haven’t seen @Kintsugi in a few. @Bill_Phillips just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you today… hope you’re doing well.


Hey Chris, great to see you here again :hugs:


‘nuqneH’ and right back at ya :nerd_face:


I too hope that @Bill_Phillips is okay. Did anyone try to contact him?

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? :sweat_smile:


Hope you are ok @happyfeet, haven’t read you for a while :heart:


Where the F are you @C-sun ???


Saw a post of you attending a Star Trek event, was saying hello in Klingon. I’ve been watching Star Trek Discovery recently and I’m shocked to see Klingons with hair :crazy_face:

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Ah I get it. I didn’t ever learn Klingon lol, I did learn Na’vi tho (from the movie Avatar/Pandora).
Still didn’t start Star Trek Discovery but I heard the Klingons look weird there :joy: