You are missed


Bill is making his amends to the state, I think for 90 days. He’s about 3 weeks in now. Of course, there’s no tech where he is.


Na’vi, just reminds me of the fairy from Zelda Ocarina of Time. Oh and I needed to use Google translate for the Klingon but can you believe you can even do that!? 2019, we’re living in the future :nerd_face:

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I am hoping @Twowaymirror is hanging in there. I know we never interacted on here but I was motivated by your posts, dude. I hope you find your way back! Hugs…


I checked Google Translate, mine won’t translate klingon :sweat_smile: I have to use another translator


Aaah you’re right, it must’ve been Bing that came up. I didn’t check properly. I think you can learn Klingon on Duolingo though, not 100%. I started learning Norwegian, suffice to say its very different to Klingon. They also have a lack of Bat’leths :vulcan_salute:

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He comes and goes often, I suspect he’ll pop back in shortly with another excellent update! :heart:

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Big time…miss her. I reached out last week and she said she didn’t have access to WiFi but would be touching base with an update on TS soon.


Update on @C-sun. She is currently hunting Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest with her trusty sidekick Saorise. You can follow her here

She requests donations of cheese and pictures of furries.


Toooo funny :joy: :joy: :joy:


@MrCade and @MikeSeekingHope

I hope you guys are chugging along.


Doing great on 138!

Thanks for the shout out.


Oh my gosh! There you are. Heyyyy


Didn’t realize Mike hadn’t logged on for a while… Hopefully we hear from him too

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@Andrea_Sapp @Betterbee


Wassup Lionface!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You doin good?


I know, this is my second shout out too.

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Glad to hear it! The beards are getting few and far between around here. At least those of your caliber, anyway.


This sums up my life lately, but still staying sober…


Yay! Happy to see you are still trucking and looking well :two_hearts::+1:

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Same here! :rofl:
Today is a new DAY ONE for me.
First day without nicotine. :upside_down_face: