You are missed


That’s great! Do you miss Pittsburgh at all? Or are you over it now?


Still alive if that counts for anything and still sober from all drugs


Has anyone seen Becsta in a while? Missing her presence here!


Nice one Ady.

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Anybody heared something about @fokusnik ?

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I agree and I worry about her. Check in when you can @Becsta!


How bout that @Gabe.G?

Your words when I got here still ring in my head on the daily. Hope you’re kicking ass, old chap.


Pretty much over it. Maybe one day but I’m happy where I’m at … just for today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I hear ya. I still live in bloomfield and I’m making my exit plan. I don’t care if i still live somewhere in bloomfield, but I don’t need to live on the park and watch all the fucked up people walking by, half of them i used to drink with. I want to stay close to work, which is in Shadyside, but don’t need my place to be close to all my old spots.

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@JonathanMcGrath how are you doing these days? Would love to hear from you.


Haven’t seen @Tonia checking in over the last few days. Hope everything is going well!


Hey, there is always next year. GO Habs GO…Golfing…Bahahahaha… Thank you so much for askin about my progress, I’m still sober at 183.22 days. I pop in on TS once a week. Busy with school, 4 weeks left in semester than Summer break. I do think of this group and am thankful for all the help. I have noticed that I’ve been thinking about drinkin the past 2 weeks and remember others going thru this around the 170 -200 day mark. One day at a time. Catch up soon
Be well,


He was on TS yesterday @Ifs, here was his message at checking in sober:

A month and 25 days dry. Not sure how many days that is. Hello. Sorry I’ve not been here in a fair while. I hope y’all are well and the sun is shining on your heads. Been trying to avoid counting the days dry, clocks move slower when I watch them. Started attending a new group, it’s not addiction related but addiction is a HUGE factor in the group. It’s been a gnarly transition but has really helped go straight to the reason why I hide behind booze (and whatever else I can get my mits on).

I really do wish you all well and the flowers are blooming near you, seeing spring time flowers begin to bloom in parks and gardens is such an anti depressant I find. XXX


I’m well :hugs: just been busy bee @Mtrav0040


Glad to hear! Hadn’t seen the vibing buddha around and I figured that warranted a check-in. :v:

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Shout out to @Becsta, missing you and hoping you’re well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah @Becsta! Where is you at girl!:heart_eyes:


Yoohoo… @MrCade - how are ya, pal? :bird:


Hey Champ!
I’m doing great.
Coming up on 6 months sober.
Just passed 1 month w/o nicotine.
Working ALL THE TIME but super grateful for everything I have.

What’s new with you?


Yay! Nice to hear from you and that you are doing so well. I passed 6 months - time to do it all again! Feeling way better in things now as the emotional rollercoaster of the last 6 months had started to even out. Here’s to us all keeping doing what we are doing! :bird::muscle::+1::fire::fire::fire:

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