You are missed


Yeah… I think I’ve kinda leveled out as well, emotionally. My mental state, on the other hand, is another story. There are days where I can barely form sentences. Quiting nicotine has sort of re-traumatized me. I sometimes feel like my senses are failing me and I’m drifting out of touch with reality. But other than that, everything’s awesome.


Looking good buddy!


@Forged where you been bud?


It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve talked with him but he was doing well. Got a lot of college stuff going on with his daughter.


Thanks Matey!

Are you doing well?


Yes thank you. All’s good with me.

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Calling the caddy daddy. I have proof the Earth is flat.

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Lies!!! Don’t try to bait him like that

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Poking around in Habitica. :sunglasses: What up, @JenLouiseLB?

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What’s happened to @Becsta?
What’s happened to her hair!


Where you at @JonathanMcGrath?


Hey all, Got another letter from @Bill_Phillips - prison mail is pretty slow. He says “Tell everyone I said hi and that I miss them.”

I suggested before including self addressed stamped envelopes, however, it seems that sending envelopes or stamps results in letters being thrown away, so don’t do that - sorry! Regular letter and postcards are fine though.


Yeah they are a little touchy with personal mail like that. They figured out somehow to send drugs that way. I know my family had issues with mail being returned or just never delivered when I was in. I know California had a guideline or set of rules for specific answers so wherever he is probably would have the same thing.
Don’t know Bill but I hope he’s doing good inside, it’s really hard at times.
That’s really awesome of you to be a forward for him on this app! Really cool!


Where you at @Betterbee? :honeybee:



Now it’s my turn to miss you.

Please come back. :sweat:

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Thats because inmates here were getting suboxone mailed in being stuck under stamps here. We have a few prison guards in jail for smuggling suboxone in too…

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Hello again sir! How are ya these days?


Hey, it’s good to hear from you.
We used to be sober twins, but I fell off the wagon. I’m having a grand time getting started back again. That’s the truth.

Thanks for posting back.

Hope you’re doing well.


@happyfeet came across an old post of yours and haven’t seen you around. Hope you’re well.

@Volbeat hope you’re well too!