You Might Be An Addict If


Hahaha! Oh geez, that is truly sad!


I found half a bottle of vodka and 4 grams of cocaine when I was getting the Xmas tree out of the attic in December.

Needless to say that shit went down the toilet. The gear, not the tree :rofl:


Ikr, like wheres the plumber?


No idea but I imagine the rats in the sewer had a hell of a Xmas party at my expense :rofl:


Yeah that was a very low point. Had to include the EDIT bc that really was the icing on that night…
Can’t say rock bottom bc prison still awaited me months down the road. I have more stories, in time. They are hard to share but I try to get them out. I shouldn’t laugh at them bc they are truly fucking sad but it’s the only way I can talk about them.


We have to learn to laugh at ourselves. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.


Yeah it has to be bc it’s the only way I’ll make it through step 4 and step 5 :joy:. Crying at the same time laughing looking like a fucking psycho… But I’ll be sober lol. I just had to keep saying that at the end… At least I’ll be sober lol


@Becsta So true, I’ve purchased so many bottles of Visine at the corner store on the way to work. Then pour it in all day to keep folks from seeing the red eyes. It does not help the eye bags from lack of sleep.


Ooo oooo pick me…when you check the % of alcohol content to find the highest % in that malbec!


You might be an addict if you tried easing your evening alcohol buzz by doing a few lines of cocaine…


I just read almost all of these and im sorry to say that many made me laugh…only because I can totally relate…


It’s also just funny to thinknof how far we’ve come from how messed up we were.


And most of us didnt even know it…


You might be an addict if your out at a club on a Saturday night and around 12:30am you start telling the ppl you came with you HAVE to leave right now! Reason being they stop selling alcohol @ 1 am on Sat night and if I don’t get my beer tonight I won’t have any for Sunday morning. No beer until noon when they start selling it again. This confuses ppl I’m with as they just want to dance and drink alcohol at the moment. However I always had to plan ahead.


Dont feel bad. Ive done that one too, in fact the last couple years when the pancreatitis was always keeping me nauseous and in pain enough i was taking too many at once it tended to happen at least once every 2 weeks or so. I’d intentionally throw up somewhere besides the toilet cuz i knew itd only been 15 minutes or so since i took it and it hadnt had time to dissolve. I got in the habit of chomping them into smaller pieces and letting them dissolve in my mouth if i was feeling sick enough i thought i might puke…those time release oxys and opanas were kinda hard to find once that blue coating was gone and all that was left was a little clump of clear jelly bean lookin stuff lol. (Sry to gross everone else out)



This ones long but good and really pathetic.

You might be an addict if you know the date your Mothers oxy comes in the mail so you go to Wal Mart and steal a bottle of generic “non drowsy allergy meds” bc it’s the exact size and color of the oxy 5mg. You then use a razor to open the package and to lift the seal. Take your 90mg dose to get high bc your withdrawing. After you calm, you proceed to sand down the writing on the pills. You need 180 pills btw, after you sand them down you have to score the pill with a line and carefully etch 223 on the other side so the pills match. This would take me roughly 3-4 hours. You also tell yourself that your doing a decent thing bc you don’t want to harm your family member by giving them drowsy medication or anything they could have a side effect from. You also tell yourself bc she has her fentanyl patches 100mg that the oxy doesn’t matter to her.
You do this for 6 months straight to your mother until you get caught…

Reliving that one really makes me feel like a piece of shit🤦🏼‍♂️


That’s an addict move? :man_shrugging:t3:. I don’t really drink but I thought that’s normal :rofl:


Opanas suck lol. I had a dealer sell me those one time and I was so pissed.


You’re on all fours trying to scrape up enough weed flakes before you start smoking the leftover resin.