You Might Be An Addict If


SOOO have done that.
How about breaking your pipe to scrap the resin out for your bong :man_shrugging:t3:


I used to just push smoking paper through the pipe pushing it through until all that resin is built up on the paper then smoke the paper. The shit i used to do to get high.


Yeah it’s sad man but like a lot of people on here say, we don’t have to do that anymore. I’m trying to share mine more often, bc it reminds me how fucked shit was and also it’s helpful sharing it and getting it out. I have kept so much stuff locked up in a vault in my head it drives me crazy sometimes and it’s so fucking toxic… Hope your doing well.


I thinknits healthy to talk about it. Almost a Step 4 if you will.


Right? Vicodin on steroids basically, i dunno if it was getting so used to taking oxycodone all the time or what but hydrocodone and hydromorphone pills never did anything for me…had to be iv based: heroin or dilaudid


You might be an addict when you get mad to you see your dealer /or drug hole bust on the morning news …looking at the siezure trying to see what stamp they had…lol…


You might be an addict if you have no cash so raid the clients wine cellar. Take the most dustiest, hoping they don’t notice. Then wonder if it’s a rare vintage or something.


Or that its old it must be super fermented…:smile:


:joy:That didn’t happen, though some of the red was like cordial so nice and smooth. Unlike the cheap shit I used to buy


If you celebrate a year not drinking…


You lose your job somehow add thousands to your credit card limit go to the bulk store buy cartons of cigs for $75 each and sell them to the local party store for $50 each for dope money, thrifty


Know all about that… I bought gold off ebay on a credit card and cashed it. I couldnt pull money from it so i did the next best thing. Ive impersoned a person at a bank after researching info to pass security questions at the counter. I got away with it once. I had a bad feeling the second time why i went through i dont know next thing ya know i was caught with fraud. Thankfully i was able to have it all dropped.


The amount debt Im in is disgusting I don’t know how Ive made it as far as I have honestly!


Dont worry on unsecured credit lines. Mine was like a 3500 credit limit. They have offered a million times to settle at half.


Oh wow ok that’s great


you go to auction to get half a palet of beer, for your imaginary company and finish it by the weekend.


Love this so much


You might be an addict if your paycheck is spent paying back multiple dealers for pot they advanced you then buying more before you’ve paid your bills.

Or hitting up a different dealer everyday because you spent several hours at there place smoking & thankfully they don’t charge you for what you smoke there.

Or your bills are always paid late or not paid at all but you always have a a healthy stash & stay high.


Spot an addict dad the other day when I was trying to start an IV on his baby last week. I could just tell by the way he looked (at me, the needle, etc.) and watched.

As for me… I was cleaning out my closet the other day and found an empty wine bottle in a unused purse of mine. Don’t remember putting it there, but can totally see myself hiding it there from someone I was expecting.


I’m still finding stashed empties. Moved a couple of boxes in the garage and there was s bag of empties.! Think that’s the last of them but I thought that about the last one I found :grinning: