You Might Be An Addict If


We’re getting ready to move in about a month and I’m wondering how many I’m going to find. I found a full beer in the closet that I had stashed at about the 9mo mark.


Thought I remembered where all my places where. The ones I’m finding now I can’t even remember. Reminder of where I was and where I am today!


It is a great reminder isn’t it.


You spent all your money on high quality booze so now you’re down to scraping up change for cheap tall boys. You’re not stupid. You know that soon you won’t find enough change so you resort to cashing in all the bottles and cans that you saved that’s been stinking up your closet/ kitchen so you can get the 4-6 dollars on 2 or 3 steel reserves. I only need 3 to fall asleep.


Whaaaat? Ive been doing it wrong my whole non sober life lol


Those possibilities actually, made me think about sobriety much more seriously.

As most times I was hiding buying little amount there and hear and it coated a lot of money…

When I found this possibility it made me very scared. As it would cost me very little ~10-30% of price this auction was 50 miles from my house, so nobody knew me I could just pretended run successful boose bussiness. Load my car full get home in evening and not even neigbour would know it. Only problem to get rid of cans/bottles.
Imagine what would happen to my liver and health after 6 more months of using this supplier?


Yes! Asking your spouse to hide alcohol from you & then try to look for it when they’re out somewhere! Yikes :joy:


Ofcourse i arranged a search patrol too afterwards :laughing: He ran out of hideouts :no_mouth:


If you rather spend your money on drugs than food. Every day


This was so me :scream:


These are ringing to be incredibly true :weary:


Been there done that…


:sweat_smile: heres to never again


You might be an alcoholic if you walk for miles to the shady liquor store in the middle of a freezing snowy day in the hood, going through withdrawal, all to buy some crap spirits that’ll just barely do the trick bc you lost your debit card in a relapse and you’re too anxious to go into the bank to order a new one where they have a guard with your still drunk ass…paranoia, paranoia…(All while looking absolutely disgusting btw—no shower, hair a mess, teeth not brushed, clothes thrown on)


Wow…done this too.


I pray to God!


Prating too my sister! Amen :pray:


Omg haha . That’s too much lol


That’s what I was on. Blue devils I like to call them


I posted recently about how I stole pills out of my best friends purse. It’s truly a low for me. Never again.