You Might Be An Addict If


You might be an addict if theres wind chimes in front of your heating ducts in order to hide the voices that live in there.


Def should have thought of that on my relapses.


If you walk into the liquor store at 12:00:01 on Sunday afternoon cuz you can’t buy until after 12 on Sundays


You think you’ll try “drinking in moderation”, which ends up with you hiding in a closet frantically sucking the last drops from a two litre bag taken from a box of wine.


You start to feel guilty checking out at the same liquor store, with the same cashier so you tell the cashier you’re buying vodka THIS TIME to make homemade vanilla extract when you get home :joy:


If you have a bottle in the trunk of your car. So you can say you “forgot” something in the car and then go out and take a swig.


Now this is very familiar to me. Although I had stuff hidden all over. Routinely had a bottle stuffed in my pants (in my underwear so it would not slide down) so I could swig it in the other room or bathroom to keep my buzz going.


You might be an addict when your so stressed in a car that broke down with the ex and her sister and grandmother freaking out. You finally make it to the room and ur not familiar to the area. so you grab the gps out the car. start walking down the street with it searching and walking to the nearest liquor store. By the time i got there it was closed… 🤦


If you keep switching up the bottle stores you purchase from so that they don’t catch on on how frequently they see your face buying vodka​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


This is my first-line. It’s my only line. My addiction begins and ends with me. Nothing could keep me from drinking, if I wanted to drink. Nothing can make me drink, if I don’t want to drink. All of the tools help me to fight more effectively, but in the end, wars are won or lost in the will.


You might be an addict if your last purchase after a 70grand, 1yr binge is a can of top tobacco and an airplane ticket to Hawaii to have your new girlfriend watch you slip into a full on psychosis


Self Restraint is what is will always come down to. The barriers are only temporary. If you dont have the self restraint, barriers become challenges to overcome.


You might be an addict if, you buy your get high with you rent money. Then get a eviction notice again!


Totally agree! Sneak glances from the corner of your eyes too.


You might be an addict if you post questions/doubts in this app you already know the answer thinking you can fool yourself and other members by being naive about it.


If you try to throw up as quietly as possible into the toilet bowl so nobody can catch on that you’ve been drinking


If your emotions have more roller coaster rides than 6 flags…


If people dont notice you took a few pills and youre not even surprised they dont


You might be an addict if you get arrested in a foreign country and have to postpone the court date by 3 years because you don’t feel like taking a 12 hour flight to hear the sentencing