You Might Be An Addict If


You can’t remember which lies you told to which people and your whole life becomes a lie so you decide it is easier to just isolate and cut people out entirely even though you desperately want to be loved! :rofl: :joy::pleading_face:


The sad thing is the need for virtually every night and then the need to mix it up by watching different types that overall lead to me quitting porn. I still wish it took me sooner to realize this was an issue.


So many levels deep :cry:


Ohhhh nasty!!


Free day 1…if u cant go day without even 1 bottle of beer and keep telling yourself a lies that i can handle 1beer and u end up being again drunk and stupid. …


Your neighbor confides in you that she thinks her husband has a drinking problem because she found lots of empty bottles in the recycling after he’d taken it out …


…you believe carpet surfing is a legitimate sport which you are good at.


Anyone ever get so high on crack that they got in a car chase with imaginary police and then get lost in the middle of nowhere?

Asking for a friend.


when you jumped from elevated surfaces and thought you’d fly, as an adult, a few times, with a few scars to remind you …


If every single call you make to your friends go like “Hi, what are you doing, by the way do you know where I can find drugs?”

And after a while it changes to “Oh, just the usual”, and they immediately understand.


Or if you notice you’ve spent more time in a car waiting for a dealer in a last week than spent time with your family in a last 3 months.


If you have spent time in a polish jail, for a bar fight that you had…for “fun”.


If you crush and snort you anxiety meds instead of taking them perorally.


Does it still count if they were someone else’s meds?


Even more so…)


Holy shit what? Omg! When did that happen?


When you realize you haven’t slept in a bed for months cause you couldn’t make it and when you say never again you realize it’s still tidy from your last never again .

I have so many mixed feelings about this thread and the posts… :slight_smile:


Probably about 20 years ago…i was a fearless wild child.


You wake up at 2 am, read weird shit you texted, take some ibuprofen, roll over, back to sleep.

Wake up again at 11 to phone calls and replied to your weird texts.

Turn phone off, roll over, back to sleep.

Wake up again, order pizza and open a beer.



No but i had someone i rode around with that thought every driveway light behind him was a car following. Christmas eve we came out of the crack hole got probably 5 miles away and he said a car was following us and for once there actually was. I told him make a left if they turn they are coming for us. Sure enough i seen the lights before it turned and we actually out ran the cop that night…🤦 i started believing him alil more after that …lol