You Might Be An Addict If


Hahaha spoons are all blackend and hid in the sock drawer. Been there.


Oh my god! I thought I was the only one who used a calculator at the liquor store!!!


Your an addict when you feel happy because you know that is not coffee in your mug, but everybody else think it is…


What’s really funny is all the times we thought we were being so clever hiding our issues doing things we were sure we invented that no-one could see through.

And we were ALL doing the same things…:thinking:


Yes! I tried to buy alcohol in different shops bc I didn’t want anyone to call me an alcoholic. Or the breathtaking dosage of deodorant and bubblegum…the red face and eyes…oh my… But I was sure “nobody knows”


When you put nearly all of the returnable bottles into the dump instead bringing them back to the shop bc you’re ashamed of the amount of bottles :expressionless:


If you pour the last tiny bit of beer into a glass and repeat this with all empty bottles in your apartment to get one sip of ugly tasting old beer


… When you go rooting through @Kintsugi’s trash to steal her recyclables to return to the store because your bumass crackhead self needs more for rock!

(of course I never did this :wink: )


Of course not :thinking::wink::grin:


At least in your trash. My neighbors on the other hand…


When you’re trying to buy more alcohol, but you are to drunk to enunciate what’s you’re trying to buy and have to point at the case of 48 beers and hope they understand.

When you have your keys but have to sleep in the hall of your apartment building because you are too drunk to get them to open the door.

When you wake up and your entire room is somehow miraculously covered from top to bottom in greasy Chinese food. Including your brand new bed sheets you just got as a gift.

When you’re buying your alcohol with Coinstar money.


If you refuse to leave your house and do anything because you know that will cut into your drinking time


When you’re home alone on Christmas day, on Google desperately trying to locate a bar that was open.

When you can drive through Boston and count 5-10 bars, all in a row next to each other, that you’ve been physically escorted out of on more than one occassion.

When you’re already thinking about that next line when you’re not even halfway through the current one.

CONSTANT pill counting. I was obsessed.


you wake up hungover overwhelmed by post-drinking anxiety, then take serious time thinking about how much you should quit, read about sobriety and thinking of a serious commitment, then by the end of the day you’re thinking how to get drunk without being too much hangover the next day so you can start your journey to sobriety tomorrow.
Repeat the next day, until you get a such terrible hangover that makes you stop for 1-2 days. Then repeat.


When all your memories remind you of drunken episodes


When youre afraid to let other people use your phone, because of the irrational fear that somehow the loads of porn youve consumed through the years on it will suddenky pop up as soon as they get ahold of it.

When youre in the middle of binging on your laptop in the bathroom and get a call from your wife. You answer it and do your best to speak clearly while controlling the convulsions through your body.


Took a selfie to remind myself that I don’t want to look this way, feel this way…


Took a video of myself hungover telling me how I couldn’t live like this anymore and told myself I should look at it when I felt like drinking.

Same night bought a 6 pack and 2 bottles of wine.


I am laughing so hard because I can relate to almost every single one of these that are referencing alcohol. Man it’s so sad in hindsight but gives me some comfort that I wasn’t alone in my alcohol addiction behaviors. 44 days sober here :blush:


You’re buying wine at 9:30 on Sunday morning, so you buy a gift bag and a birthday card to go with it.