You Might Be An Addict If


you win this round


Thanks, first post. Day six!


If your response to “What is your favorite wine?” is “…an opened one”.


When you decide to become a regular at another bar so you can only use cash and feel like that makes it better. Then you realize that despite the huge shots and free drinks your new favorite bartender gives you, you are still blowing way more money than you were at the bar where you used your credit card. THEN you realize you are really at this cash only bar because you can get way more drunk for about the same price and everyone there is a drunk and you feel “normal.” AND, you drive straight there form work so that you don’t cut into your drinking time (because, you know, stopping time is 6pm, because that means you can control your drinking and being a functioning alcoholic is so much better than being a raging drunk (even though you really are a raging drunk)) even though the bar is only 3 very small blocks away from where you live.

Then, when you get sober you have no clue what to do with the $1200+ a month that you suddenly have.


I wish we would have had a chance to terrorize the bars in Greenfield together lol


I stuck around Bloomfield. You know, home of the blue collar drunks. Armonds was my place these last few years, because of the cheap (cash) drinks, the bartenders who loved me (and my massive tips) and poured what was well over a two shots even if they weren’t charging me, and the fact that I was one of the least disastrous drunks in that hole. I do miss some of the people there sometimes, but yeah, no.


Sorry, I meant Bloomfield. To many damn neighborhoods.


I know, right? And too many damn bars in all of them!


When you ask your spouse to hide those wines because there are people invited for dinner next weekend.


And the winner is Bootz :joy:


I did this often too :pensive:


You like wine but “hydrate” with beer.
You buy wine in bulk.
You put rumchata shots in your morning coffee.
You black-out before lunch.
You often fall down.
You blame everyone else for all your problems.
You’re not grateful.
That was me before I got sober. So grateful to be sober 1 year and have a chance at a better life.


You might be an addict if you buy 2 bottles of brandy at the liquor store. One large bottle to put in the liquor cabinet for “official” drinking, and one smaller bottle to hide somewhere in the house so you can keep your glass topped up and no one will notice that you’re drinking a lot more than you should be.


AND…you have a story planned to tell the cashier in case you get strange looks. One bottle is for home use while the other bottle is to take a party that night.


When you “brag” to the cashier about the “bitchin” fishing trip you are headed too, so the 2 30 packs of beer seem “normal”…and the fishing trip really is just a normal day off


If you be reading all the threads on Talking Sober™


If you took wine in a sports bottle on a day out with the family in case the hang over got to bad (and drank it in the toilets) :face_vomiting:


Oh, that made me just laugh right out loud!!


OK this one might be hard to explain. I listen to the Recovery Elevator podcast and they always end with this “you might be an alcoholic if”. One day the “you might be an alcoholic if” was “if you hide your booze in the vent of the bathroom so no one would look there”. So MY “you might be an alcoholic if” response is:

You might be an alcoholic if you listen to “you might be an alcoholic if” and think man, why did I never think of that one when I was drinking.


Before you take your glass tote to the local recycling station, you write on it in big letters, “For Restaurant use ONLY”, like it was an alley pick up that got missed. Restaurant only serves one brand of red wine? :joy: