You Might Be An Addict If


Yep…lawd…never again


Your friend shows you the bulletin board she made with old wine corks, and you think, “That ain’t nuthin’…”


I started to collect corks to do just that. Then the cheap wine in the UK started to come with screw tops!


Oh man, l have an odd one to add to the list…
…u know whats going on when you see 3 or 4 people go in and out of the house across the street behind the preacher at a graveside service because dude that lives there used to be your coke dealer too :flushed:


You’re walking to class in college and you catch the eye of two attractive girls walking by you in the hall. You don’t know the girls. As they walk by, you hear one say to the other, “that’s the guy from the party that did…”. You don’t hear what you did. Problem is, they could be talking about one of dozens of times that you blacked out and embarrassed yourself.


Reminds me of the time the cops dropped me off at the dorm. A week afterwards someone, who I dont know asked mecwhat happened. Dont remember being dropped off by the cops. Had that person not asked…i would still not know anything happened.


Oh man, I could go on for hours about the dumb shit I did in college.


…you can’t even figure out the messed up crap you did because you existed in such a state of denial and honestly thought it was normal and that everyone drank and drugged like you did.


More will be revealed…


… wow :flushed::flushed:


I’ve never read it put this way before! Thanks for sharing that, so true.


When you see a wallpaper of some normal looking woman, but she has a label that says shes a pornstar, and you immediately have to look it up. Smh, all the dang time.


When Amazon keeps delivering you packages and you have no idea what’s in them. Then seeing that you didn’t read the size or dimensions either so your items are only suitable for tiny little dolls.


There was a thread on here last year where people were talking about how they would drunk order stuff on Amazon. Like it was Christmas every weekend!


I never did this drunk, bit those first 5 months sober I was blowing money on amazon like it was my job. I liked the feeling of not remembering everything I ordered and having that Christmas everyday feeling. Haha, I’m going to be paying that off for a while, but it helped keep me from needing other rewards, if you know what I mean.

Clearly addict behavior people! Beware the reward switching!


You go to the bar for “one beer” and wake up on a stretcher with EMT shining a flashlight in your eyes asking you who the president is. Then you laugh at them and say Obama just to fuck with them. Nahhh I’m not an addict I’m FINE! :roll_eyes:


When your recycle bin is overflowing every week with wine, beer and vodka bottles.

When your recycle bin is full, you start stuffing empties in the bottom of the regular trash bin so your wife won’t see them.

When you bring your recycle bin to the street as the recycle truck driver gets there. And he says, “Wow… must have been a hell of a party!” There was no party.

When you’re watching TV with your wife and she gets up to go to the bathroom and you run to the liquor cabinet and chug the first liquor bottle you can get your hands on. Then shove some crackers in your mouth so your breath won’t stink.

So glad to be almost 6 months sober.


… if you cannot remember a time when you drank and stopped at just a couple…
… if you cannot remember a time when you didn’t wake up wiith a hangover after drinking the night before.
This one in particular was a huge slap in the face for me. It was only a couple of nights ago when lying in bed (because that’s where I do all of my random thinking of course :roll_eyes:) that I realised I could literally not think back to a time when i woke up without a hangover :disappointed:. Not one single time…


Omg you know the biggest thing we have noticed here at our house? Our recycle bin is literally almost empty every week when we take it to the street. It used to be overflowing before we stopped drinking. Oh and when my husband used to go to the store and buy our 6 boxes of wine and beer to go with it he would be asked about our party. Umm. No. That was so we could get through the week.

Edited to add: oh and by purchasing 6 boxes at a time we got the 10% bulk discount. We thought that was a good thing :woman_shrugging:


This would be me. Or hiding it while SF, hoping it would be like finding a 20.


When you empty out coke bottles and pour in scotch…thinking you fooling anybody only to be twisted couple hours later drinking just “coca cola”…smh🙄