You Might Be An Addict If


We only take out our recycle once overy 3-4 weeks now. I’m surprised the recycle guy hasn’t come to the door to ask if everyone’s OK! :rofl::sunglasses:


You have two different liquor stores and both worry about you drinking way too much.

You look at past photos and realize how tired, lifeless, dehydrated and sick you look.


You slept over at someone’s place for holiday party or birthday, and everybody rise in the morning and are saying things like “Wow I’m never drinking again, that hangover is horrible”, while you already had a couples of drink leftover from last night.

You plan your day considering 1. the minimum muggles stuff you have to do to keep your drunk lifestyle; 2. the happy hours; 3. the liquor stores you’ve been the latest so you go to another; 4. the safest drunk-drivable road and itinerary to do all that.

You have 2 cups of coffee side by side in the morning. One white so it’s obvious its coffee. One black so people can’t tell if it’s water, coffee, or red wine. (I do that because of my roommate. But I’m just fooling myself because he’s clearly not watching my morning drinks. Who the F care about what’s in a cup in the morning?)


…if everyone in the bar knows you from the last weekend and knows about all your life, but you have no clue where all the people are.


When you leave the house at 11am, hit 3 bars and then a liquor store and drive into the desert to have a few more and come home at 3 in the morning to be informed of missing dinner plans that you drove into the desert to avoid…
When you’re standing naked in youre hotel room vomiting into a paper bag but its landing on your feet because the bag didnt hold the vomit…
When you purposely crash into a barricade and it comes over the hood into the windshield shattering the whole thing and laugh about it…
When the cops come to your sons baptism party because you’re having a brawl with your brother…
When you wake up and your second thought is, i got a good idea and head for the hidden booze…


You drink wine in a pint glass


Or just straight from the bottle…


Yup I’ve done that plenty myself :grimacing:


Yep, here too! And the fact that you can’t see through a box of wine and it’s dispensed with a spigot made it easier for me to ignore how much I was actually drinking.


I just told my husband that this last week. When I started buying in box form my drinking accelerated quickly. I started seeing a therapist two weeks ago and when she asked me how much I was drinking before I quit it was hard to pinpoint. A box every day and a half? It was really embarrassing. I felt so much shame even though I know in my rational mind she is there to help not judge.


So crazy hearing everyones shameful confessions! Cool that we’re all breaking free though.


If you take pills, smoke weed or drink to alleviate the hangover from doing any of those the day before


When you’re helping remodel a friends new home before they move in and you bring wine but forgot the bottle opener-they have none there yet. Giving up wasn’t an option, so when you see the drill and screw you decide to make your own redneck corkscrew!


And another one:

You read this and see that you could have alcohol in the occasionally category so you watch your brain automatically try to justify it almost a year after you stopped drinking. All I can do is shake my head and laugh at how that really was a priority on any diet! If I couldn’t drink at least straight vodka, it was out. shudder Cunning and baffling this addiction is, especailly close to milestones!


What? If it’s listed then it must be healthy! Right?!


This is true I have went a day or two with out calling them and had them call me to make sure I was still alive. Now that I am sober weird thing is nobody calls hahaha dont need them anyways


OMG I forgot this one. Years ago, but still! All the EMTs in town are on a duty call, and since you are the only one off duty the A.A. group calls you because they forgot to pick up the key to the fire station meeting room for their meeting. Even though you’re halfway through a bottle of wine, you drive down and let them into the building, and don’t even think twice.


if you’re on this message board :grin:


If you deny that fact. :joy:


If you become obsessed with drawing pills