Zoom Meeting Right Now. Join us!

Hey, folks. I hope you’re all doing well and feeling confident in your sobriety. One thing that has helped me are the zoom meetings that they held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday here on T.S.

It was a bit intimidating at first, I didn’t know what to say expect and was socially shy. But there was no pressure to talk or even show your face on the screen. Over these past few months I have made some really supportive friends and I’m glad that I made it through the discomfort, to make new friends, to laugh and cry and have a genuine place of support. I hope that you can join us.

The zoom meeting is going on right now!


How does this work? I’ve never used zoom before… Is it a 2 way video conference kind of thing?

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It’s a group meeting. Just down load zoom and its pretty easy to work out :grin:


Yeah, what @apes2020 said. You don’t have to share your video or anything if you’re uncomfortable. The time is different depending on where you are. I live in north east of the US and tu meetings start at 2pm on Tuesday and Saturday but 2am on Thursday because thrursday is more geared towards Europeans.

It would be awesome if some more of you would actually participate in these ZOOM Meetings. It can help take your sobriety to a whole new level of personal interaction…

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Sometimes we are on for multiple hours on Saturday night. And the next morning I get on TS and see someone has relapsed the night before. I want to tell him/her, you could have come to us for support before you took that first drink. It has helped me. Saturdays were my big drinking night. Now it’s my sober Zoom night :slight_smile: