Zoom meetings Tuesdays and Saturdays II or whenever

Zoom meetings are held here:


Tuesdays Saturdays and whenever the hell we feel like it :joy:



I’m being serious, I ment to tag @ChrisR he stopped in for a minute, and saw your window.

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On my way…

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I definitely wasn’t on without the lights on,that’s impossible. I vividly recall the entire night and that I couldn’t get to sleep because off all the adrenaline that was still surging through my veins. So you’re either fucking with me(which I really hope is the case) or someone pretended to be me


@Crazy_Dutchie Andre is correct that you were still shown as on the meeting. I thought you were asleep and didn’t want to wake you up so I started my own ZOOM Meeting as you can see in the thread history.


Are you coming on Jan

Nah, I got school tomorrow


Ok… see you soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just messaged him my details about last night, lol.

I think I know what happened. I must’ve forgotten to close my laptop,or the zoom meeting didn’t automatically end when I did close my laptop. Someone said something about blue static and that does sound an awful lot like my camera. The snoring must have been one of my cats or my pc

I said I thought I heard Puuuuring, lol.

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Its very likely it was my cat. I always lay under a blanket during meetings. I left my blanket on the couch and I left my laptop on the couch as well. My cat loves to sleep on my blanket which was next to my laptop

Its all settled now. Im sitting here at my meeting waiting for it to start. See you again soon.

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Okay have fun

Anyone on zoom?

@ProofOfLife see if that link works!

Oh, when I went into the meeting prior, I must have hit end meeting for all by accident.

Is your account Liscensed?

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