0.0% 'Alcohol-free' drinks - sober or not sober?

Oh no need to be sorry. I was just giving you more to read on the topic :blush:

This point is exactly why NA drinks can be a slippery slope ya’ll. You need to know that you 1 million percent cannot have alcohol. I would also venture to add that if you feel like you’re missing out on or deprived of alcohol these drinks are probably a bad idea. Good point Hoof.


I drink them as well. My issue is about getting drunk. Once I felt tipsy I needed to keep that feeling and would drink more and usually ended way more drunk than just tipsy!! So really, as long I don’t get tipsy I’m safe.

Now that’s not to say it would be the same for everyone. It just works for me.

And I also drink lots of other things too…tea, sparkling water, etc etc.


I agree with @Starlight14 on this one. It’s like smoking an empty pipe. I tried drinking them and it was very frustrating :sweat_smile:


While I don’t feel like it’s cheating, it’s pretty suggestive. The non-alcoholic drinks were a nice stepping stone. As I’ve continued my journey I don’t find them as appealing.

I’m not a huge soda drinker but fever tree ginger beers are pretty good if you need something with a little bit of bite to it.

Good luck on your journey :sparkles:


I’m early into my sobriety I drink ginger beer with club soda when I get the urge to drink. I think the placebo helps the itch to drink. When I’m not drunk, I don’t use drugs. It might not work for everyone but it takes the edge off for sure and I get to wake up early and feel proud. Plus no hangover.

These are partly my favorite drink! I do prefer spicy ginger beer and have looked into making it myself.

As a past beer person, I don’t do well with 0.0%. I think everyone needs to entirely make their own choice, regarding thoughtful results to them, uniquely.


Very well said :sparkles:

I hope that i should NOT WANT to drink non-alcoholic beverages
To me
It is an unfair statement that ketchup or fruit have more alcohol that near-beer

I have yet to meet ANYONE who eats a packet of ketchup to get the feeling
Or eat a pineapple, or any fruit to justify there’s alcohol in them

The moment i tell myself and justify to myself any bit of near-beer is acceptable, it will probably be the end of me

If sobriety is the goal, no amount of alcohol free drinks BY THE LABEL or per serving is worth my sobriety

Sure, a virgin Pina colada would be safe
Just call it what it is, icy lemonade

call grey goose just water, until you boil it then its vodka

If it must state alcohol content is 0.0 then it’s derived from the same source drum

If a person says to me it’s vodka potato :potato: water zero percent alcohol, well, vodka is the same thing til you add sugar and distill it
I know theres way more to it than that.
Not trying to tell you that near-beer is bad, it just would not work in my sober plan
I hope my 3 cents is worth it.