1 year, I finally did it!

I hit my first ever one year sober! And I am going strong! I have a good job, got a car, and am working on going back to school. I have two beautiful, and (by the Grace of God) healthy girls. Life is good. Keep it going one day at a time!!! :):rofl:


Yo rock @Kaylanicole91 I’m very proud of you

Awesome. Congratulations. That’s a pretty HUGE feat. Great job

Congrats on 1 year!

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That’s awesome!!! Huge congrats!!!

That’s AMAZING!!!:v:t2:

You’re an inspiration to me. Congrats to you!!!

Amazing job congrats! :tada:

This is so great!! I have recently seen a lot of people hitting their one year mark and it just motivates me even more to achieve that goal!! Keep going! :smile:

Amazing, well done!

Omg such an inspiration for all of us! Xx

I know you made it despite not having the time to go to a program very often. Congratulations on pulling yourself though some tough times anyway!

Congratulations and good job!! :grin: You’re an inspiration!!

Fabulous!!! Congratulations!!

Good news! It Can be done!