10 day! How did this happen!?!?!?


Totally! I am on day 3 no cigs and man I have forgotten how hard it was to quit. I have stopped all drugs and alcohol for 171 days and the cravings have totally left me.


Wow!!! I cant wait to get there! I quit smoking 6 months ago but i spin my weed so i have to keep tallies of my tobacco intake. Tbh quitting smoking was hard for me until I got a vape. First day i bought it i quit smoking on the spot. 3mg nicotine does me just fine and there alot of positive reviews around its efficacy for people trying to quit. Before that day I been smoking a pack or more a day since i was like 18. It’s a good idea to do the online quiz as to why u smoke. It gives u categories you fit into and how best to deal with each. Cause thwyre all different. That knowledge paired with my vape is what rescued me from smokes. That and the big man upstairs 🕇


Yeah I just dont want another crutch. I thought about vape but just ask God for the willingness to quit and the desire to light up was removed.

It didnt take the physical and I know that will take some time but the option of breaking my commitment and reset I dont fear.


Good man!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Saying no for the first time after 9 years takes a lot of strength and makes your victory quite special! I like the term ‘building sober muscles’ Chad used, you are indeed getting stronger in sobriety every day.
Very well done, keep going, you’ve got this!


It means alot. To be honest hearing tons of times a day that I am capable and can do it has really made the difference. It combats the voice on my head that tells me 100 times no. It’s like reshaping my thinking. I’m so so excited for day 4! I think i can make it. How far have you come? @Ger13


Congratulations!! :facepunch:


Day 20 today. I relate so much with your post as the hardest days so far were the ones when I had to say no or do things without a drink for the first time in 10 years. Getting through these moments (I tend to think of them as moments where I just need to say no, so that they do not increase in difficulty in my mind) leave me incredibly proud.
Sober life is so much more meaningful, we can do this!


Appreciate it so much. I’m loving that i dont feel super groggy and gross when i wake up and into most of the day. Not wasting time hunting for a sesh. Not having to be sneaky and stealthy. No yuk taste and smell from the spin. It’s awesome!


Thank you @Uniek


Congratulations on your personal victory! You can definitely do this thing. :smiley:

I was excited when I realized you could add goals to the app too.


I liked your idea of moments. It just made sense to me as I resisted a cookie with my morning coffee.

I might decide to give in to a cookie later today but in that moment I had a decision and made the tougher choice for future benefit. :laughing:

Being aware of these small decisions is the basis of CBT therapy and it is not easy.


Thank you. I agree, it is not easy but I noticed that I tended to panic over the thought that I would go through the entire night (or week/month/year) sober and the difficulty of that seemed incredible. After saying no a few times now, I am just trying to be strong for these few minutes of urges. Keeping it in the hour, even in the minute makes sense now.

Haven’t been that strong to resist a cookie or chocolate though so hats off to you :blush:


So glad to read, someone else can do it too. I loved weed, loved getting high for 8 years as well. Im in my first week of sobrierity, I’ve said no to weed more than 3 times. power of will is all you need, keep it on mate!


She’s back! Counting down to day 4 @Swam?


Hehe @Spartan_Chris I’m waiting for the catch to come lol i feel too good for not have smoked for this long lol


DOUBLE ur previous record. Proud of u. Keep it up.


I never thought about it that way! Awesome!!! Thank u!



I’d give u a traditional “like” but I’ve apparently maxed them all out for today :joy:. Glad to see ur doing well.


Congratulations. !!! Ive just hit day 8 no weed ! Dont even think about it in the day now. Nights are a bit more tough. Sleeping is also tough. But I’m doing it and doing it well . here if you need any help !!!