10 day! How did this happen!?!?!?


So my friend came over and wanted to hang then wanted to get high but she didn’t know where to go…i did…so i offered to take her there and said I wudnt get high…but deep down I was stressing about whether or not i wud actually be able to say no…so to my suprise…when she offered to go get high at another friends I asked to be dropped home. First time in my whole life EVER IN 9 YEARS that I have said no to weed. I cant even explain how shocked I am I actually said no. It wuda been free familiar and given me that release of angst…but i want my day 3! Only 5 hours away. I thought about having to write about a relapse and i didn’t want to dissapoint my sober family (here). I’m actually proud of myself today. Praise God for giving me strength and insight! Amen. 🕇


So glad to hear it!


So proud of you!!! Day 3 here u come! :grinning:


I’m so excited hahaha I wonder what ill be like tomorrow. I already sorta feel weird. Like its almost starting to feel addicting to be sober haha i know my hard cravings will come tonight but atleast I have proved my choice means something and i CAN SAY NO!


Good for you. Each time you say NO you build some sober muscles. And soon you can flex them like a bodybuilder


It was a wild ride to get my year on Dec 15th 2017. It seems the trials and tribulations com near each mile stone for me just be strong and use the tools the programs give you and it is possible. That is what I did and I must keep it up


But the best advice I too from my outpatient program was in the beginning was to take it easy and I though to my self I should take it easy hmmm… ok I’m going to take it easy lol


My will power is lifting is it haha @Chad_R


Wahooo! Victory!!!


Thanks for the support everyone! 4 more hours to go and I’m at 3 days!!! Today is epic!


HELLA YEAH!!! Couldnt have made it here without you all! …okay so now ive beat my record of 2 days…where shud my next milestone be? A week like on the app?


Well done °°°😊


Thanks hehe u had ur hand in making it happen :slight_smile:


Why not add milestones to the app which suit you best ? I want my phone telling me I’m doing great everyday: )

You can do this …keep going :blush:


How do i do that??


On the bottom of the home screen is a star in a circle. If you click in that you see your goals and you can click on the +sign at the top and add your own times


MEAN!!! THATS Exciting!! So day by day even?


Yep . Whatever goals you wabt :slight_smile:


So super proud of you. It is so hard early on to say no and you totally did it! Keep it up! Tonight was a huge accomplishment.


I dont know if it as meant for me but ima take that haha @LifeUnfolds