10 days already

Well I have reached 10 days already it’s still a long road to go but I feel I’m making progress with how I’m dealing with triggers especially the last number of days this journey is by no means over but it’s a good bit from the start and I hope it continues for me one day at a time.


Congrats on making it to double digits Rachel! That’s a big milestone! As for me, my journey won’t be over until the day I die. Recovery is beautiful and has made my life better in ways unimaginable when I was still drinking. Just keep going lady. Thanks for being here. :people_hugging:


Congrats on double digits! :clap:
My journey is similar to Mno’s. I’ll be in recovery the rest of my life, trudging the road to happy destiny. But I don’t mind because I’m finding sobriety, no matter what happens in life, is much better than living in addiction.


Congratulations on your 10 days Rachel
We never have to do that 10 days again. That was the worst! It’s still a bumpy road ahead. Being grateful for all I got when I’m sober helps me stay on the sober path.

Good job!!! One foot in front of the other and keep your focus on your future :purple_heart:

Amazing job, Rachel.

So true. The goal is to die sober & get my infinity coin.

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10 days is a great start, keep on going!!:tada::tada::dizzy:

Double digits is amazing!!! :tada::heart::heart:

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You’re amazing!!! Youve got this, girl. One step and one day at a time. :heart:

Congratulations on 10 days they now will add up thick and fast you got this ADAAT :+1: :muscle:

Way to make it this far! I feel connected in some way as this is day 10 for me too. Let’s gooooo!

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