10 days deep 💪

Made 10 days sober :grin:although the cravings are so strong at times, and hard and challenging when it’s around me, part of me wants a drink and the other part says no I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and reminding myself I’m a better person and mother if I don’t. It’s also comming to my heavenly mom’s day where she went and sat on her cloud, and the past 5 years I’ve always been sky high :pensive:so this 6th year I’d like to feel my emotions naturally and more positive, stay strong and love sent people


Your doing amazing! Does it have to be around you? Is there no way u can ask those people to keep it away from u?


Exactly this.

You need to protect your sobriety by being proactive about this. You know that you could be triggered, so keep away from people and places it would normally happen with.

Well done, you should be really proud of yourself :heart::people_hugging:


Congratulations on your 10 days!! Maybe for your Mom’s day you can strongly be clean and sober as a way to honor her, your self and your children. I hope you can find a way to not be around people using. :people_hugging: