10 days of freedom!

As of today, I have been free from alcohol for ten days, and has it ever been a ride. I feel as strong today as I did ten days ago, which is a beautiful thing.

One addiction I have always struggled with is my addiction to food and overeating. I’ve been contemplating how I might use this app to overcome that as well. So I’ve created a new addiction and simply called it “overeating.” So I’m on day one with that. Got a buddy who committed to walking 90 miles in December with me. So we’re starting at the gym today. I’m limiting myself to 1,800 cals (per my doctor’s instruction) and really just hoping this isn’t me taking on too much at once.

Advice from all of you who have been at this awhile would be helpful!


Hey man,good job on ten days. I would say your doctor is right. For trying to lose some weight, 1800 calories a day is spot on, and 90 miles in a month is good. 3 miles a day I think you would have that in like 15 days. Good job


Great solid work my friend.
Nice easy pace but doing something.
Ten days is good work.

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