10 days of sobriety

Day 10! Double digits :slight_smile: sobriety isn’t easy, but possible… these last 10 days have been a roller coaster for me. I’ve been cranky, then happy, then optimistic, then a Debbie downer. I no longer have body aches, but still get slight headaches. I’m sleeping very well now, which is giving me a lot more energy. Cravings are still there, but what’s weird about these cravings is that I crave the drunk feeling… I don’t crave the taste of alcohol… is that weird? Maybe that will change…? I hope everyone had a wonderful and sober day. Goodnight my sober buddies


Nope not weird at all. You’ll have cravings believe me just be careful of those cravings and triggers as well. As you go down the line. Good job. Don’t give up!

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Congratz @ariana2607 dont give in :slight_smile: