10 days off the sauce

I made it to day 10. I’ve never been able to go this long before. It helped that I told someone in my friends group off while I was wasted, and that was enough for me. I don’t even remember the conversation but it apparently was not good. I tend to get angry while I’m drunk, usually for no real reason, and that was my motivation to stop. I can’t believe I let alcohol run my life for so long. I’ve broken a lot of friendships and relationships due to my addiction and I don’t want that to be the case anymore. Even trying to apologize to people and them saying they are going to kick my ass for what I said, really hits me hard. I wish I could take it all back, but it’s time to move forward. I hope everyone on this path finds light and happiness.


Well done on your 10 days - double digits is awesome!

Keep putting in the work and reaping the benefits.
Those we have hurt need to see our actions - stick with it and show them the new sober you… it may take time for our friends / loved ones to come around (and we have to be patient and also ok that some may not come around). We need to do this journey for ourselves.

You are doing it ODAAT! WE are right along beside you. Keep strong :muscle:


Well done on 10 days. Alcohol can change us into our worse versions, sober you can be the you that you are proud of. As you say, you can’t change the past so you have to move forward. The best apology is changed behaviour. :purple_heart:


Congratulations on 10 days and welcome to the community. We are all on this journey together and you will find lots of understanding and support here. You got this!


If only the person I cussed out would stop drinking because he was worse off than I was. But thank you for the kind words!


Glad you have 10 days of freedom, John! Wishing you many many more!

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