10 Weeks Path ❤


I was always so consummed with drinking. It was always the focal point on anything I ever did. Any sports or movies I was watching, even after a great workout, I looked forward to drinking. In my mind, I would tell myself I “earned it”…I’m not going to say it’s been easy, but it’s been a learning experience. I’ve had to completely change my mindset. Never thought I could make it this far. 70 days without a single beer. Not a single drop of Alcohol. And thats coming from a guy who binge drank for years! It almost doesn’t seem real…Most Importantly, I will continue to go forward with my sobriety, I will look for the good in each day, and I will stay as positive as I can. Looking back continues to be less and less of an option. I’m thankful for this APP :heart: and all the positive feedback I see on here. Let’s keep on this path! The Sober Path. One Day At A Time :fist::point_up:



So pleased for you!


That’s right!


That’s AWESOME! Congrats!


Congratulations! I have about the same amount of sober time as you and your post is exactly how I feel. Sporting Events , movies, after the gym. Now I just enjoy all thise things sober and try to to stay positive.


4th and 29! Lol :smiley: