10 years with Mary Jane first 24 hours

24 hours in sober - Just decided to stop smoking weed. after ten years
29 years of age and I’m worried to go through the pain or urge to want to smoke. I help run a family business and have four kids all girls. I’m blessed. but I also dont think weed is bad I agree with it but I do think it’s addictive to some. and for me I picked up bad habit (addiction) . I feel slow and not motivated anymore. weed for me isn’t like it used to be… I feel this will be tough becuase I was high most of the time during the day. and before I went to bed.

any advice from anyone that is dealing with this? . I know it makes me slower and not as sharp at work. and effects other things in my life. but I don’t feel like me anymore. and I want that back. Any advice helps


Welcome! Be active here. Those that spend quality time on here, tend to have a smoother journey. It isnt easy in the beginning, but worth it.


Thank you. and thanks for your feedback

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It is amazing that you’re here and ready to improve your life and wellbeing! :heart_hands: Welcome!
My advice is stay positive and focused on the reasons WHY you’ve chosen to stop smoking weed. Write down all the negatives smoking weed brings to your life now, and then write a list of all the wonderful changes and positives you see, feel, know now that you no longer are a slave to smoking weed. The fact that you’re here shows amazing courage! You can do this. It might not be easy breezy everyday, but just tune in to how much more energy you have, how much more motivated you feel. And you’ll have more time for your girls :heart: Each day you brain fog will begin to clear a lil more and your health will improve and you’ll start to wonder why you wasted all those years stoned, because life is actually infinitely better sober :relaxed: sober life = our best life!
Whatever you do, don’t smoke any more, no matter what - the feeling or the situation. Just keep moving forward, into your new weed free, beautiful life :heart: and come here to TS sober as much as you need to. We’re here for you. We’re all on a similar path. Read, share, help others. You’ve got this! Welcome!

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Herb supplements; good quality; will help to calm, will help with anxiousness, and help with focus;
Lions mane mushroom

CBD drinks help a little

Exercise during the day to help you sleep

Good quality magnesium to help you sleep too. You can get magnesium cream in the uk which is absorbed better thru skin.


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I’m on day 37. Not gonna lie, the first week was rough. Ok, it was horrible. Since then its been good. I never would have made it without counseling though. Stay strong and use all the support offered!


thank you I am calling a place tomorrow for counseling. day three. headaches are bad and vision is off which is wierd.

Appreciate you for taking the time to write this. looking forward to that day I feel much better.

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