109 days drug free

It seems every day is getting better. I’ve had no cravings or urges. Life is on the right track and everything is on the up and up. This is the happiest I’ve been in many many years and as the days go by I’m getting happier and more healthy. Thanking my higher power and self control for letting me overcome the demon that had ahold of me. Looking forward to a bright future ahead of me.


I love reading posts like this, always bring a smile to my face!
Congrats on being well in the triple digest, so awesome you so much happier now. Keep up the good fight and you will get your bright future and also lots of bright todays!

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Very happy for you! Keep up that great work!


That’s awesome, 104 days for me, and Im appreciating the little thngs so much more now.

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Nice one pal. It is great to see sobriety working out for people. Very inspirational.

I have yet to read a thread along the lines of…

“100 days sober and this SUCKS… i have more money and sleep better… lost weight… confident… more energy… but THIS SUCKS!!”


It’s amazing how getting away from the toxic relationship with our DOC lets the healing begin. Congratulations on 109