112 days, feeling flat

Think this maybe PAWS? Some days I feel really good, other days I’m just flat and don’t know what to do with myself. Iv no motivation, Iv been like it for past few days and really want to snap out of it :see_no_evil:
How’s everyone else doing? Need a chatty distraction with fellow alkys :joy:


Honestly, I remember that feeling. I just had to push through it. I just recently had an awakening and realized how much I absolutely love being sober vs. being drunk all the time.


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That’s very normal! I still have days like that from time to time. Don’t let it get you down, just keeping pushing through and the feeling will pass.

Yes like others have said, just know that the feelings will pass. Sobriety is like a roller coaster :roller_coaster: we have ups and downs and all arounds lol you are just in a lull and you will not stay there forever!

I’ll take flat over bone-crushing depression any day.

Flat=OK, Good/Great= Outstanding. We weren’t meant to feel Outstanding every single moment. Feeling OK is OK, and without contrast of OK, how would we know how wonderful feeling Outstanding is?

It’s OK to feel OK, especially where we’ve come from.

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I had this. It will pass. Quicker if you get outside for a walk and stay active. Congrats!