114 relapses in 348 days

Relapsed today…after 11 days of clean life…relapsed frequently…average soberity dropped from 3.11 days to 3.07 days

Have you figured out your triggers yet? Something must be setting you up for relapse. Are you just not done yet? Maybe it’s time to make bigger changes.

Have you tried a sober home program? Are you still running with the same people you used/drank with?

I gave up every single friend I had as well as some family until I was strong enough to be around them.

I hope with all my heart that you can finally hit your rock bottom and stand up and scream enough! We will be here. Much love.


Were you doing something that helped you get to 11 days? That’s well past your average. Maybe try adding some meetings if you haven’t yet. Best of luck. It does get easier.


Your doing something wrong if you keep repeating ? maybe try a meeting might help you on your journey wish you well

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Check out a rehab. Scroll to the bottom here for a directory of rehabs: