13 days clean from meth


I’m 13 days clean from meth but really craving to go get a bag anyone got some encouragement?


Delete that contact and get a new number. Cravings are in youre head, demons that try and persue you.

You know whats right, and you know that grabbing a bag is wrong. Go treat yourself with a food your craving instead. Go get a chocolate bar anything. Youre 13 days in, you can do this for a lifetime.

the seed is just growing now, let it grow more and prosper or kill it and start over. You know whats right, youve got this.


I can probably help…my main drug of choice is cocaine, most recently crack. Where I’m from the coke is laced with meth so I can relate. I’m 70 days clean today. It is not easy, but each day gets better. Try to get into rehab, get to NA meetings, find a sponsor or someone you can call when you’re craving. Main thing is just dont use. Keep going because it is worth it 100% is this your first time getting clean? And how long have you been using?


This is the first time Iv REALLY tried to get clean, before this my record was 10 days clean, if been using for the past 3 years it’s so hard to see a future when your always waiting for the next payday just to waste it all on a bag.


Iv been going to a local church to seek help I also got baptized now that bet any high iv ever felt, I’m just struggling to keep going


Oh buddy I know where you’re at I feel ya. Waiting on payday and blowing the lot of it… a lot of this has to do with not letting yourself make the plan to do that. I know it sounds impossible but it works. When we get the thought in our head and make that plan it’s near impossible to back out of it. If you can really practice mental discipline you can stop yourself from getting bent on the idea of spending your pay on it. That what I have to do. Completely emimante the thought as it comes.


Faith is a good start! I really suggest getting to an NA meeting. It really works man.


I live in New Zealand we dont really have NA meetings, only services available are drug addiction call centers witch dont help much… ov found this to be the best help iv come across


Keep coming back here everyday and talking to ppl. That will help also you need to drop all the ppl you do it with or that do it like hot potatos and try get sober friends…over 17 years clean now so i know you can do it …


You’re doing great!! You’re 13 days in, you got this for a fact. Me & you are the same. Don’t give up now. We all have our demons but as of rn FCK THEM.
Let me know how you’re doing!!