13th step. Look out

Dude is this what recovory is? My sponsors a gay man aint no judgement. And i lost my virginity to this dudes daughter. And her dad took me to my first na meeting. He kept pressing me for him to be my sponsor. I was struggling tn. I called em said i need some knowledge come to my place read some steps with me ur 9 years sober. As soon as he got here he started saying some sexual shit. I warned him he aint here for that. And i had to physically throw him out. Bc he was talkin about settin up glory holes in my apartment like wtf. Is that common? Jesus christ he loved talkin about the bible and glory holes what the fuck. That was the weirdest sober night ive ever had. Tryin to rum that 13th step. Picked the wrong one.

I would avoid this guy like the plague, does he know that you slept with his daughter? This sounds like a seriously fucked up situation. I would say that you need to question why he wants to be your sponsor so badly but that seems kind of obvious. It’s suggest sticking with the straight men at your NA meetings mate. Don’t let him put you off going though!! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Ya he knows

What country are you in pal? :slightly_smiling_face:

Usa. In florida. Im glad i got that mother fucker out of here. He said he sponcers 4 other people my age.

I talked to u before pants alot. I was sean2

How old are you, early twenties or something. If there is someone that you have respect for at your meetings or who your think that your can confidently in then I would definitely two then about this, maybe even the chair of the meetings.
I’ve seen a fair few people drop out of their recovery circles after getting in to a relationship with another member. It all sounds a bit gross tbh

How did I know it was Florida before you even said it :rofl::joy:

Avoid the guy, and set that boundary clear and hard.

I’ve never had a problem, and when I have seen some issues arise, the hierarchy at my home group nips it in the bud pretty quick


Shit man. Floridas crazy. I had to cut that shit off quick. This place aint no joke. Cant wait to get outta here.

He said somethin about a glory hole a mouths a mouth i was like what the fuck? I made it real clear. Threw him out on his ass

How old are you m8

I just turned 29

I almost want a female sponsor man. These dudes are stupid out here.

I thought that you may have been a little younger than that, he’s obviously preying on people who he perceives to be vulnerable which we all are when newly clean/sober. What an absolute pos ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I look young as hell he kept on saying that but i aint falling for them booty bandits.

I felt like wettin him up instead of kickin him on his ass

Sounds like some jerry springer shit

Wettin him up? Do you mean winding him up? Is be tempted to tell his daughter but doing things like that can be counterproductive to our recovery :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow u had a lucky escape. My understanding of getting a sponsor is u choose someone who has everything u want with experience on the 12 steps… not some jumped up perv that treats u that way . I’d report him to someone cos u don’t know what he could do to a vunrable person. They might not be as lucky as you x


Omg that is no good,I’ve heard about this 13th step.

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