14 days and I feel amazing!

I failed many times before I started posting in here. I just know that what helped this time is what I didn’t do before which was use as many tools as I had at my fingertips to take it hour by hour those first few days. It keeps getting easier each day, but as soon as I have an intrusive thought I seek a resource. I wish you the best! One day at a time! :heart:

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“This too shall pass” There are all sorts of ups & downs in sobriety. Good that you are on the upswing and know it’s because you put down the drink.

Keep up the good work and make sure to post when you hit a down turn and don’t feel compelled to drink about that.

Sobriety makes it possible to get through life’s ups, downs, and all arounds. AS long as we don’t drink about them, we’ll be good.


Thank you for your encouraging words. I also got a kind but firm nudge from my cardiologist today. Drinking makes no sense with my medical history.