14th day and i am AF!

H guys,

Today is my 14th day with no wine ( even though i only drank on weekends ) so this is my 2nd weekend with no drinks! so wish me luck. So is it getting easier yes it is today is friday and usually i would already be looking forward to that glass of wine during work i could not wait to get home> BUT today i don’t feel like that i have errands to run after work but i am not thinking of drinking? ( EVEN though i have wine at home i opened bottle in fridge and one not opened ) do i look at it yes do i want to grab it and get a glass sometimes! But lately its getting easier and easier> Actually the mornings are great being alert no headache but i am still kind of tired well maybe that is from not sleeping alot> So this will be my 2nd weekend with no wine and tomorrow night i have a karaoke party to go to this will be the true test and see how i feel maybe i will just have coffee. hopefully, they will have it there. But i think this is getting easier and easier and i look forward to hitting that 30 days and more:)

Thank you for this site and all the wonderful people on here who have responded to my messages bless you:)


Well done on 14 days and you say its getting easier but you have to be on your guard especially when you have wine in the house wish you well