15 days sober and craving alcohol today

Im 15 days sober today and my mind wont stop thinking about alcohol… having a hard time!!!


Awesome job on 15 days! :+1: It does get hard around that point (or did for me anyway), largely because (I think) you’re feeling so good! My mind wanted to trick me into believing “I can control it now”. (Nevermind the dozens of other times I’d been there, tried and faiIed.) So this go around I had to think a lot about all the ways alcohol made me feel bad and/or caused me to do or say stupid shit. For me, honestly, recalling the negatives of drinking helps more than relishing the positives of sobriety - despite the fact that they go hand in hand - if that makes any sense. ?? :upside_down_face::laughing: Maybe the opposite is true for you, idk. Anyway…stay strong, you got this! :muscle:


Get a hold of an Alcoholics Anonymous Book, find an AA group, get a sponsor, work the steps,

Your own will power will never be enough, you will eventually convince yourself into taking that first drink, again , and again , and again,

" We could wish to be moral, we could wish to be philosophically comforted, in fact, we could will these things with all our might, but the needed power wasn’t there.

Our human resources, as marshaled by the will, were not sufficient; they failed utterly."


how you doing?

Thank you for sharing - 1st week off of Crystal meth and beer - big day for me because Friday is typically a day where I pick up my case of Modelo and drink it throughout the weekend


Oops didn’t finish - … but like you, my daughter is my reason to live. She loves her Daddy - and too many times have I let her and my family down. I just want to get through this weekend - it’s gonna be Dominoes and Kobe’s Kai together - keep your head up girl - you’re in my prayers.


Hey Judy.
Great job on your 15 days. My mind kept thinking about wine or cocktails too. Use to drive me crazy. It still can. I guess after awhile it stopped driving me crazy so often. Lately it’s happening less and less. But it still comes and I just say to myself. “I’M NOT DRINKING TODAY! And I’m probably not drinking tomorrow.” Mine was always a fantasy or romanticizing it. So I would break it down to just today.

Also there was this day I was walking for my exercise and listening to a particular genre of music. Actually I think it was my Christian Inspirational Playlist. And I kept thinking of drinking for some reason. It was driving me nuts. Then I finally thought what If I put on some Angry Gangsta Rap? Well, that cleared it up and kicked those thoughts right out of my head. I wish I had thought of that sooner. Like 45 minutes ago!!
Keep checking in. Your so worth it.


I hope your day got better. Most days I can stay busy and put those thoughts to rest but other days its harder to do. Great job on 15 days! Let’s keep going

Same girl, same!!! Maybe it’s because we hit a “milestone” and are more cognizant of the daily count? Maybe cause it’s Friday. Maybe we just need more excuses…
Today has been the worst day for me so far fighting the urge. I finally gave in and ate so much food that alcohol never stood a chance… lol. It’s all about survival and if my survival is pasta and eggplant parm with extra cheese then so be it!
How are you doing now?

You got this, maybe workout, or have some food and try going to bed early

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Stay strong, focus on how your life can be being sober.

Something that helps me is buying teas that sound really delicious. All different kinds. I usually sit and sip cup after cup and before I know it I’m not thinking about drinking anymore. Usually I’ll have a glass of water too. You could also cook your favorite meal. Start a new TV series etc., stay strong. I have cravings, but we don’t need to go back down that road.

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Something that helps me when the cravings get crazy bad is literally stopping where I am with HALT.

Am I Hungry?

All of these things can easily kick off a relapse for me if I do not take the moment, HALT, and recognise that I don’t actually want a drink, I just need a nap.

Take care