15 days sober and I slipped up


There is no excuse… no exception.
I drank.
15 days is great… but now I have to start over.
I can do this.
I can.


You did well to get to 15 days and if you want it badly enough you can get there again and even surpass it! Do you have any plans in place to help you next time you feel tempted to pick up?


I actually almost never leave my house. It was a day… I am looking for help. Thank you for asking. I can and will surpass this.


Are you involved in any programs ie SMART Recovery or AA? Not everyone uses them but for me personally AA has been what’s ultimately kept me from picking back up. If you aren’t comfortable with leaving the house, there are meetings which can be accessed online www.intherooms.com .Nothing beats physically attending these meetings, but the online ones may be a worthwhile stepping stone for you.


I second the AA route. I know it has worked wonders for me


I “tried” for decades…the reason I have strung 326 days is that I finally changed everything…who I socialized with, how I socialized, where I went for fun ect. After 89 days of white knuckling soberiety…I hit a program.


My relapses almost killed me. I wouldn’t just brush them off as just part of recovery. They aren’t. If you survive and learn from them that’s good, but to normalize them is dangerous.


15 is great. Get back you got it!