15 days sober from alcohol

I’ve battled back and forth with myself for years about my relationship with alcohol.
I finally decided that I needed to be the best version of me, and that means no more alcohol.
I’ve never been a daily drinker or even every-weekend drinker. But I would often binge and drink more then I intended too, at times I did drink.
I don’t like the person I am, when I get to that point. SO I’m new to this lifestyle. I’ve successfully made it through two weekends in a row and social gatherings where I made the decision to not consume alcohol.
Cheers to a brighter future & the best version of myself. “I can do hard things.”


Welcome aboard @Bre5 :upside_down_face:

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Congratulations on 15 days sober!

LOVE IT!!! Welcome to your new lifestyle. Welcome to this amazing community.
Keep working on yourself and stay strong. Remember ODAAT and we can conquer this addiction with support. :muscle:

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:partying_face: Good on you!

Encouragement and blessings from Australia :koala: xo

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