15 Days Sober Today!


That’s awesome!! Congrats! I haven’t started AA mtgs but my goal is to try one this week. Talking on here was a big leap for me and it’s been amazing. I already feel less alone. Now I need to meet people around me that are sober as well. How about you?


I would highly suggest it. I was overwhelmed with hope after my first meeting. It’s hard to understand what they’re talking about half the time, but in time I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Just as you will. But i don’t think I’d stay sober if it weren’t for them. It’s a great feeling being surrounded by people who share your affliction. I had my husband go with me for my first meeting. I have a hard time going to new places around strangers. But ever since I’ve gone alone and become more comfortable each and every time. I’m even starting to make friends! I think it’s important to have sober friends while you’re on your journey of sobriety.

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Congratulations on 15 days sober!

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Thanks for this…I’m planning to go soon. I think bringing my husband is a great idea!


Just make sure that the meeting is “open to anyone and everyone who may attend”. Do you live in the US? If so, download the meeting guide. When you click on an actual meeting, it’ll say somewhere in the middle what kind of meeting it is. Some are women only, young people, or closed to only those that wish to stop drinking. Anywho. If you have any questions let me know!

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Yes…northeast. Where is the meeting guide? AA App?

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I found it!! Thanks!

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Yay!! I check it everyday to see what meetings are around. There’s all diff types of groups and what not. If you go to a meeting and don’t vibe with the ppl there, just try another! :hearts:

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I’ll let you know how my first one goes! :heart:


Please do :slight_smile:

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