15 Days Sober Today!


15 days today!! This is a whole new world for me. These days have not been close to easy…but I’m proud of myself for staying sober and feeling the emotions.


Congratulations. Your doing great hope u r getting lots of support… keep strong life does get better x

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I’m going to try to go an AA meeting this week. This will be a first. I know that will really help. Thanks for support :heart:

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I love aa … i hope u get as much out of it then i do cos my life changed so much once i made soba friends and got a sponsor x

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That’s what I’m hoping for…new, non drinking friends.


Youre doing amazing

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Thank you! It’s not easy that’s for sure.


Most good things in life aren’t easy, but they are worth it


I can’t wait until I can the good. I feel extremely moody and depressed. I’m having so many physical issues (headaches, sleepiness, stomach, etc). Im ready for positive.


I definitely understand however one should embrace these feelings of discomfort. It’s in the discomfort we find who we really are. Without discomfort and struggle we would be unable to appreciate the good and positive feelings.


I guess I have a lot of work to do then…I don’t really like who I am. :sleepy:


Progress not perfection!

What dont you like about yourself?


Who I’ve been as a person…how I’ve treated people. How I’ve abused my body. I have a lot of shame and guilt.

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I have felt the same way about myself. However as i got further into my sobriety i was able to make changes in my lifestyle. Which improved and strengthed my once abused body. As far as the shame and guilt i have found in my experience facing these things head on and dealing with everything i have avoided makes life increasingly better. Is it scary? Yes! But that is just fear of the unknown.
Life isn’t as hard as we all think it is going to be.
I promise you.


These are all normal and part of the process of recovery. But don’t worry, better days are coming

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Great work!

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Thanks for chatting with me here today…it really helped. I’m not good at reaching out and feel pretty isolated.


No problem.
I’m always around. Don’t be a stranger :grinning::call_me_hand:

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Oh my gosh! That’s freaking amazing. 15 down and many happy days are to come. I’m 11 days sober. Just wanted to share some love with another newbie! Do you go to AA meetings?

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