17 days and really depressed

I’ve struggled for 20 years to get clean and sober. I really want to make this one stick. I’ve started going back to meetings and have a Sponser.My body feels like it’s falling apart and the depression this time is worse than it’s ever been. I feel so lost. I’m asking God to help through this day :pray:


Hi friend,

I just made a post a moment ago above yours. Today is my 2nd day. It sounds like you’ve been battling this for a long time. I’m no expert, but it sounds like you have a lot of the right tools on place. 17 days! That sounds like a great achievement, I hope to also make it to day 17 as well.

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It’s ok not to be ok sometimes, this too shall pass :heart:


Depression and anxiety are common side effects when getting sober, alot of people suffer with it even me, you are not alone on that. Since the start of my recovery I have been put on antidepressants and they have helped me tremendously. Have you been to the doctors about your depression, or are you already taking some? Making sure you have additional vitamins and minerals would help somewhat as well

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