18 days clean

Wow 18 days clean. I struggle every day not to go back to using. I have good days like yesterday my daughter got invited to be in her first horse show (she has only been riding for 4 months) and i have bad days like today where everything has gotten under my skin and I don’t know why. Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!!


Congratulations! I’m impressed with your 18 days. I pray i can reach that mark. Whatever you are doing to reach 18 days, keep it up!!

Don’t get me wrong, it has been a real struggle for me, but my husband flat out told me I get on the shit again we were over and he would take my daughter, because she doesn’t need to see any of that. He has been real supportive and something inside me clicked, like I neeed to get my shit together. You will get there and I am here if u need to talk

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You are awesome! Thank you! And u totally got this!!

Congratulations on your 18th day :smiley:hope The week ahead is good to you

Thank you, Monday’s have always sucked for me, even when I was using. Lol

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Thank you same to you

Hang in there @Tosh012. Congrats on the 18 days.

Congratulations! :grinning: :tada:

Almost 20 days now!

Congratulations to you also, keep up the hard work.