1Year no alcohol

I can not believe I made it a year…no alcohol! Did it with family and friends support! And lots of running… lost 30 pounds.
Still stayed social but knew when it was time to go home. Lots of reasons to want a drink…pet dying, work stress, holidays, trips, celebrations…It is still hard everyday!


Congrats on a year!!


Congratulations on your first year!!!

What an awesome achievement.

Great work!

Well done on your year!!!

Well done! Amazing! Thanks for sharing :two_hearts::bird:

thats amazing! what an accomplishment! :confetti_ball:

Well done!!! I love these posts!


Congratulations on your year :tada:

You’ve earned your profile name! You did it!! :facepunch:
Congratulations!! :tada:

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Congratulations on the year my friend!! :star_struck:


You say that it is still hard everyday…but ultimately life is hard. But living sober is easier. You deal with the situation and move on to the next one. Drinking causes us to hold onto the pain and just add more on top of it.

You’re doing great. Please post more often. I suspect you have lots of advice and wisdom to share with the group.

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Congratulations :tada::tada:! I hope to be there someday too. Thanks for the inspiration!


Niiiice job😊

Congrats! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon: I had 8 months once and remember how good it was to have sobriety as my normal. Yes, I always struggle with the social battle of not drinking. But, we can walk away feeling good about ourselves instead of guilty! So sick of the guilt and here I am starting over again in my first week. That’s okay. Already I am experiencing “real sleep” and it is heaven!

Congrats @Letsdothis ! Thanks for the inspiration!

Congratulations on making it one year. We are very happy for you! What a great accomplishment!

Congratulations on your first year! :slight_smile: What is your favorite change so far?